Provides Top Tips for Summer Travel Companions

Travelling together is brighter!
The social travel website helps a growing number of summer travelers plan enjoyable trips with new travel companions.

The increasingly popular social travel website and mobile app,, has made planning with new travel companions simpler for a growing number of travelers this summer. On the run up to summer thousands of vacationers scramble to make arrangements to visit their dream destinations. And TripTogether can bring an extra dimension to travel planning by enabling the meeting of avid travelers and giving the best tips for travel with friends in summer.

Firstly, TripTogether recommends making summer trip plans as early as possible in order to allow time to find suitable travel companions. Waiting until the last minute can also leave travelers rushing to book hotels, rental cars, and restaurants during these peak travel times. It may also be difficult for travel companions to fit in all the sights they have set their heart on, especially if tickets need to be pre-purchased. It is always advisable to have your itinerary well planned before you leave, especially when it comes to making plans with new friends.

Once plans are in place and travel is on the horizon, TripTogether advises travelers to pack well in advance so they can discuss provisions with travel companions they are due to meet in the destination. It’s also important to check weather forecasts to make sure both travel companions are in sync with the right kind of clothes. If the destination is a sunny location then sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are definitely essentials. It’s a space saver to pack the right quantity of toiletries, as they take up a lot of extra space, and it’s even a good idea to share products like sunscreen. This gives new travel partners a great opportunity to start communicating and sharing the excitement of trip preparations.

Once travel partners have met up in the destination then the real fun begins. However, TripTogether advises that it’s still important not to forget healthcare and safety on vacation. Staying hydrated is a top priority as this helps with jet lag, the change in climate, and extra exertion that can cause fatigue. It has also been suggested by many TripTogether members that packing healthy snacks to bring not only helps steer clear of the unhealthy fast-food alternative, but can help with hydration when snacks are chosen wisely.

Most important of all, it’s essential to relax with your newfound travel friend and have a good time. Vacations are meant to reduce the stresses of daily life so don’t fret over small things if plans don’t all go according to plan. Some of the most rewarding adventures can be the unexpected ones.

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