Gives Top 5 Travel Tips for Packing Light

Travelling Together is Brighter!
Packing efficiently is key to downsizing your luggage and for backpacking around the world

TripTogether, the leading site for finding international travel companions and travel friends, has put together a useful guide for international travelers seeking to reduce their luggage and travel light.  “To really explore, you need to travel light.  A lot of people pack items that they simply won’t need,” said Anthony Volpe, Spokesman for TripTogether.  Let’s get right down to the list.

  1. Don’t bring half your wardrobe.  With the exception of more extreme destinations, most places have public laundry facilities available. 
  2. Roll, don’t fold your garments.  Rolling takes up far less space, and allows you to more easily organize your bag.  This tip came from sailors who have very limited space for personal gear, so they know!
  3. Push the limits of your carryon.  You can avoid checking luggage, even for some longer trips, just by having a carryon that is max size allowable.  It can be a roll-on or a backpack, but you can exit airports much faster if you don’t have to wait for baggage claim.  Plus, the airline can’t lose your bag! 
  4. Make a list of essential items.  Look at weather forecasts and your agenda, then write down exactly what you think you’ll need.  This will greatly aid you in not packing useless stuff that takes up room and weight. 
  5. Undergarments, towels, and t-shirts made from hi-tech synthetics.  Socks, boxers, and t-shirts made from materials that wick away moisture and resist bacteria can often be worn multiple times before washing, even in hot climates.  Additionally, they dry extremely fast when you wash them, making sure that you don’t have to pack a bag of wet clothes.

Use these tips and travel lighter and wiser.  Pass them on to your friends!

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