TripTogether to Add Valuable New Features in 2015 to Boost its Travel Partner Discovery Service

Travelling Together is Brighter
TripTogether has major plans in the pipeline for 2015 to develop its position as the go-to resource for those looking to find travel companions.

TripTogether, one of the world’s most popular social travel services, has revealed its ambitions for 2015 to go from strength to strength in its aim to unite travel partners across the world. As part of its plans for the New Year, the service will introduce a series of exciting and handy features to make finding a travel companion even easier. These features are set to make sharing a vacation with new people across the world an even more adventurous experience. 

“We enjoyed a very successful year in 2014 and now plan to build on that by launching a series of new features throughout 2015,” says Anthony Volpe, the chief spokesperson for TripTogether, “It is our aim to ensure we are the most trusted, reliable and exciting resource to find travels partner online. The best way to add more excitement to a vacation is to meet brand new friends and share all the sights, sounds and experiences together. That’s why we aim to capture that spirit on the website.” 

Members of TripTogether have already enjoyed arranging over 80,000 trips on the website using a range of features. It is easy to join the website and explore more than 300,000 profiles of travelers to find the most compatible vacation match. One highly successful feature launched in 2014 was Travel Planner, which enables members to display the trips they intend to take in order to make contact with like-minded travelers also visiting at the same time. Not only is it possible to connect with fellow travelers but TripTogether members are also able to talk to friendly locals and those interested in travel but without any firm plans. 

The TripTogether team has a large collective experience in both the tech and travel industries. They continually examine the needs of the modern-day traveler in order to spot trends and identify those features that would be useful in planning a shared vacation. This is why over the coming months TripTogether will introduce a range of great advice, new features and destination tips to boost the wanderlust of people across the world. 

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About TripTogether is a lively social travel website and mobile app designed to connect people anywhere at any time to help them realize their travel aspirations and pursue more exciting and enjoyable travel experiences together. TripTogether removes international communication barriers with its easy-to-use online platform, resulting in more than 80,000 trips discussed to date. Since its launch in 2013, TripTogether has brought over 300,000 travelers together from more than 11,000 cities in over 200 countries around the world. Using the messaging and Trip Planning features, members can connect through their shared interest in travel, ask advice, swap travel tips and chat about different destinations and cultures. uses the combined expertise of a close-knit team of entrepreneurs and travel industry pioneers to help make international trips a more rewarding experience.

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