TriCoast Worldwide supports the Belt & Road initiative and embarks on an exciting new endeavor to continue successfully representing Chinese films. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, TriCoast Worldwide will proudly represent Director Tan Bing’s ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ and ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ and screen ‘EVERYDAY HERO’, Zheng Hua’s debut biopic. Located at booth Riviera D3.

Los Angeles, CA – May 10, 2018 –

CANNES ANNOUNCEMENT: TriCoast Worldwide seeks partners and funding to continue the Belt & Road initiative and cultural crossover with Chinese films.

Chinese films have broken Hollywood’s box office, skyrocketing the country to the world’s second-biggest market, with potential to become number one in less than a few decades. Despite many US studios’ struggle to adapt to the new Chinese film market environment and bridge the two cultures, several brave companies are ready for the new, exciting content and eager to pursue the local-language space within Hollywood’s spotlight. TriCoast Worldwide CEO’s Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton were one of the first film companies to embrace and appreciate Chinese filmmakers and their films, based on the successful selling of Tan Bing’s $20 million USD action-packed, ‘CHINA SALEMAN’, featuring a spectacular fight scene between Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal. Since, TriCoast Worldwide has had the pleasure of meeting with Chinese officials, executives and producers, discovering the urgency and significance for Chinese films, television shows and events to immerse successfully in the international market place.

Already a major player in the international entertainment market place for the past 30 years, TriCoast Worldwide has developed and acquired the unique skill sets, resources and overall passion for foreign films and its cultural crossover. The company has found a way to globalize Chinese entertainment content both efficiently and effectively, without sacrificing Chinese core values and cultural content. TriCoast Worldwide has and will continue to support the Chinese initiative and cultural crossover into the international market with representation of Chinese films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, including Tan Bing’s newest, Chinese-murder mystery, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’, and Zheng Hua’s debut biopic, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’, screening at Cannes on Saturday, May 10th at Olympia at 20:00. 

TriCoast Worldwide seeks partners and funding to continue on the exciting endeavor to take the very best of Chinese entertainment – movies, television shows and events (either completed, in development or production) – to collaborate with our already well-established and skillful marketing and production. TriCoast Worldwide aims to elevate the status of these new films and to provide crowd-pleasing events to worldwide audiences, of the highest quality and relevance of today’s world. We are looking to select partners within the next three months to join us on this venture, conforming to the Belt & Road initiative of creating a people-to-people bond and sharing of culturally dissimilar products.

‘EVERYDAY HERO’ – Directed by Zheng Hua


Film Summary: The re-telling, inspiring story of Brother Guo Jian Nan –“forever Brother Nan” – a selfless manr who embarks on a journey of a lifetime to dedicate his life to the developing Chinese LiTan Village by abolishing poverty and achieving prosperity. Guo Jian Nan is an everyday hero, who becomes everybody’s dream. TriCoast Worldwide’s most recent acquisition has been for the worldwide rights to represent emerging Chinese filmmaker, Zheng Hua’s biopic, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’, with a screening at Cannes on Saturday, May 10th at Olympia at 20:00.

‘CHINA SALESMAN’ – Directed by Tan Bing

Erich Schwartzel’s Wall Street Journal article related the Silk Road as “an industrial initiative that mirrors the ancient trade route provides a market for Chinese films and culture.” The initiative has previously created a “people-to-people-bond”, through co-productions and film festival collaborations with those countries along the ‘Silk Road’ and has allowed for and emphasized the exposition of Chinese culture and life worldwide. 

Film summary: Based on a true story, ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ is about Yan Jian (Dong Xue Li), a young, highly skilled IT Chinese engineer who travels to North Africa to compete nationwide against other countries’ technology companies, determining which country has the best technology to help rebuild the locals’ communications systems between the north and the south. When Yan Jian arrives in North Africa, striving to truly help the locals, he discovers that not every country has the same goal. Yan Jian uncovers the conspiracy of the French spy, Michael, who was given the task to win the competition, but surreptitiously as a means to have ultimate control over the mineral resources in Africa. To accomplish this, Michael hires the great mercenary, Lauder (Steven Seagal), and former general, Kabbah (Mike Tyson). Coming to U.S. audiences in 2018. Co-financed by Chinese conglomerate, Dalian Wanda Group, TIK and China’s state-run, China Film Group, with US support from Summit Entertainment and Lionsgates.

‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ – Directed by Tan Bing

Film summary:

Produced by Jiang Xiao Yu in association with Shandong Cienyuan Culture Media Company, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ follows a young policeman and local bartender (Bai Ling) on their discovery of a local painter’s mangled body found in a bathtub. Captivated by the murder’s mystery and desire to service justice, the two find themselves swimming and caught in the dangerous tides of the investigation’s mysteries, secrets, and scandals, concluding in a shocking plot twist. Deadline featured ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ in their list of “Hot 2018 Berlin Titles: What Buyers Are Buzzing About At The EFM”. Starring controversial Chinese-American actress, Bai Ling, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ will be Ling’s first Chinese role feature since she was banned for openly criticizing Chinese government officials 20 years ago.

The 71st Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 8th – 19th, 2018. TriCoast Worldwide is honored to be sharing their booth, located at Riviera D3, with one of the world’s most successful animated companies in the Chinese markets, Fantawild Animation’s Daniel Bort, the head of the international department in the run-up to Cannes.

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