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As a small business owner, I understand how difficult it can be to stay focused all day. There is always people and time wasters looking to consume my time. Unfortunately, this often leads to time being wasted. I’ve found that there are a few simple things which may help a person to improve their time management, especially those who join My Top Tier Business:

# 1 – Stay Offline as Much as You Can

Social media, e-mail, and other online ventures are incredible time wasters. Most people head online and soon find they’ve lost half their down checking one thing or another. If you must be online for business, limit yourself to websites necessary to get the job done. If you need to respond to customers through e-mail, do so in intervals unless you’ve promised a relatively quick response in their service agreement. When you’re done, walk away from the computer and focus on other essential areas.

# 2 – Create a List You Must Accomplish

Having a list of goals to accomplish allows you to focus more on getting stuff done during the day. Make this list the night before and order the list from most important to least important. This reduces the amount of time spent trying to come up with things to do during the day and gives you the focus you need to succeed.

# 3 – Avoid Multi-Tasking

A common business cliché is people claiming they are great at multi-tasking. Studies have shown 2.5% of all people are actually able to successfully multi-task and maintain the quality of their work. Other studies have shown most people experience a decline in their IQ points when trying to handle something as simple as talking on the phone and working. As someone interested in my top tier business, I recommend doing one task at a time and getting it done right the first time.

# 4 – Keep Work at the Office

Surrounding yourself in work in your downtime is counterproductive. Doing this doesn’t give you the down time you need to recharge. It also gives you the assumption if you don’t get it done at the office, you can do it at home. This reduces the urgency of items getting done between normal office hours and supports procrastination. Focus on filling your day with work and then taking the evenings off to spend with your family, doing the things you love.

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# 5 – Keep Things Organized

Being disorganized makes being productive impossible. Chaos doesn’t make anything easier and no matter what your “system” is. In fact, every minute spent trying to find something is time being taken away from another task. Create a system which allows you to find important items quickly. Then focus more of your time working, rather than hunting.

# 6 – Handle Business Calls on the Commute to Work

Save some time making routine business calls on the way into the office. This cuts down the amount of time you spend on the phone first thing in the morning. Just remember to keep it simple and safe. Use a hands free device and focus on the road. Keep these calls to simple tasks like ordering supplies or inventory that is routine and by the books. That way, you aren’t distracted from the road.

These simple tips will help to keep you more productive in the office. Take a moment to incorporate each of these items into your daily routine. Before you know it, you’ll get more done during the day.

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