Trending Product Service ROIX Could Change Online Marketing and Selling Strategies for All Businesses

Novosibirsk, Russia Online retailers, start-ups and private sellers have always grappled with the ‘known unknowns’ – the quantifiable trends of products that are selling like hot cakes, where and at what price ranges. ROIX, a new online product statistics service, promises to make them all ‘known’ with its powerful and deep analysis of top product global sales and statistics.

Online retailers today aim for big revenue by selling trending products, but lack deep analysis and sales figures. ROIX is where they can search for deep statistics from Aliexpress about products sold and sorted across categories, countries, and other metrics. At present ROIX has over 18,000,000 products in its database and the figure is growing every day.

Using ROIX is easy. For example, one can search for inflatable bags, and ROIX will show what specific brands were sold at which prices, total orders from various countries, and other details such as product ratings and even profit margins. A quick sales statistics graph reveals the country-wise total sales and the daily sale orders. Going beyond this, ROIX can even show the top products sold in a chosen country.

ROIX is meant to help retailers replenish their product matrix with best selling products. Small businesses can start their business on the right track, and private sellers who use forums can sell exactly what their buyers are looking for. Publishers too can stay in front of the line and not miss a single lead. Dropshippers can expect to get more orders without worrying about niches, and analysts can see not only number of sales but also volume and liquidity of a market. Finally manufacturers can find and make products that will be profitable.

“If anyone wants to know a trending product for any category, we can check it for you. Just leave us the keyword, country and category,” says Alex Roix of

ROIX can be tried for free along with a free offer of 10 search requests after registration.

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