Trendercoin, Spearheading Crypto Revolution in the Emerging Markets

December 5th, 2017 – Cryptocurrency is taking over the financial world, unlike other revolutions which first happen in the developed nations before spreading to the developing countries, this one is happening simultaneously, it is also disrupting the traditional money markets in the emerging economies. In countries like Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana and Ghana cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are fast taking roots with the number of users growing rapidly. The number of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the emerging economies is rising. However, there are no structures to help in conversion of the legal tenders into cryptocurrencies. Those available internationally are putting off the users due to the excess charges and stringent rules that characterize them.

With the entrant of Trendercoin (TDC), this will no longer be a challenge. “Trendercoin (TDC) is a structure that developing and emerging markets need to bridge the gap, it functions as an exchange which provides and helps meet the demand for cryptocurrencies in the developing world,” said the TDC representative while revealing that the access fees will be low, between 1% to 1.5%, a figure which is way below what is charged by the existing structures.

Blockchain technology has changed the financial service industry and trendercoin is equally helping millions of people to authenticate and transact without costly intermediaries.

With a market target of close to four billion market, trendercoin believes that this move will see the adoption of the cryptocurrency rise especially in the emerging markets, a move which has been welcomed by many users arguing that developing world will not be left behind in a revolution that will hit the financial markets.

Trendercoin is positioning itself as the leader, spearheading the crypto revolution in the emerging economies by enabling easy exchange to bitcoin, ethereum, dashcoin, litecoin and much more cryptocurrencies at a minimal market price.

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