Travialist, the complete travel guide app with a focus on data security launches on Indiegogo

Travialist is the newly launched social travel network on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, that is specially created for people who care about their digital footprint, privacy, and data security. It’s a Swiss Start-Up owned by individuals having a passion for travel and technology, who decided to combine the both to present something that would create the ultimate travel experience for the users. The Indiegogo campaign of Travialist aims to raise $25000 and it has received a good initial response from the backers so far.

Travialist is a complete travel guide app that overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional travel guides and other travel apps. The team behind the app realized that once the travel guide is printed, a lot of information gets outdated or may not have relevance to the individual travelers. Another issue they considered was of ratings from different platforms and the significance of it. This inspired them to develop a platform and app that would feature the latest information, ratings, and allow the user to plan their travels in the best manner and eventually they came up with Travialist.

Unlike some of the other social network platforms that feature a risk of data theft or misuse, Travialist is designed in such a way that it provides full control of their digital life to the user. It has a global coverage of over 20 million Points of Interest, 9000 cities, and more than 500 curated destinations. The app features a complete custom map integration that enables the user to search for a traditional book or map. The user can either create a trip on their own or have a look at the trips generated by the other users to plan their itinerary.

Travialist also provides a monthly issue of a travel magazine in the app itself. The articles featured in the magazines are submitted by independent journalists based on their experience and future trends. Moreover, for those who are not much into reading or don’t have the time can access the audio journal using the advanced text to speech mode. The built-in messenger enables the user to chat with their friends and family securely through the Encryption layer 2.0. Unlike the traditional messenger services, the communication on Travialist rests temporarily on Swiss Based servers.

Travialist puts utmost emphasis on data privacy of the users and provides them the authority to control their digital presence. The data they share is encrypted in Swiss-based servers, in a country where data access is fairly regulated from a user perspective. Through the IndieGoGo campaign, the backers have the chance to buy a subscription to this app at an early bird price. The success of the fundraiser will ensure that the app reaches to users worldwide and the owners are able to add more features to it.

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