Travertson\’s V-Rex In Demand In China

China with 1.3 Billion people, 94 million motorcycles… Naturally, the next step would be to have the V-REX where it is most wanted; in CHINA. This is the next step for the Travertson Company; their V-REX is in very high demand overseas….in Asia. Such is the demand; Travertson is negotiating with several exclusive dealers to market the V-REX motorcycle in CHINA.

The V-REX has made an impact on the motorcycle industry, it is for the unique client who wants to stand out in a crowd and express himself with a new toy like no other. The client likes the status of “I have one of a few worldwide”….huge pride comes with their ownership particularly when their input, choices & designs were taken into consideration and built precisely as desired.

Since the start, this family owned business is growing nationwide as well as worldwide by satisfying the most discriminating clients on the planet. By designing each motorcycle as unique as its owner, delivering on time and unmatched customer support, Travertson’ s future growth opportunities keep looking very bright.


Christian Travert, CEO of Travertson Inc. produces the very desired V-REX-2 motorcycle (the 2 seat version of the V-REX) .The V-REX motorcycle was designed by Tim Cameron and engineered/built by Christian Travert. Christian Travert is a well-known motorcycle designer and engineer; he built the “Y2K” jet-turbine powered motorcycle, purchased by Jay Leno. Christian has a well-run factory in Florida to build the bikes. Some parts, including the engine are bought from Harley-Davidson; Travertson manufactures all the others, either from aluminum casting or composite, in house, in America which is the reason for the high demand in CHINA and overseas. Every bike comes with a very proud U.S. Flag attached. The marketing plan is to sell worldwide…. Just worldwide…Nicole Says…grinning, they can service the bikes easily due the Harley components and extensive manuals each client gets…

Riding will never be the same!

The suspended seat, the lights in the back seat and the turn signals on the handle bars are a winning formula!

Travertson, Inc. is located at 3285 SW 11th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33315. For more information, please call 954-763-2283 or visit


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