TrailingCrypto inaugurates “An Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Tool”

Unique cryptocurrency platform, TrailingCrypto, announces the launch of a cryptocurrency trading tool to help maximize profit

TrailingCrypto is a unique digital currency platform that aims to ease the process of trading crytocurrency and making good returns on trades by providing a Unified Trading Platform to enable users to do trading on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from single platform. As part of the platform’s goals of helping traders maximize profit and reduce losses to the barest minimum, TrailingCrypto has announced the launch of a digital currency tool described as “An Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Tool”.

The cryptocurrency space has evolved in recent times becoming more than just an avenue for a decentralized and transparent financial ecosystem, but also helps millions of people across the globe to make money trading different digital currencies. While trading cryptos is not particularly difficult, many people tend to lose their investment if the coin prices are not well-monitored. Loss of optimum returns on investment can also be as a result of the non-availability of trailing stop and take profit simultaneously as it becomes difficult or impossible to book profit at peaks. This is where TrailingCrypto is looking to make a huge different in the world of digital currency.

The crypto trading tool by TrailingCrypto comes with exciting features that stand it out from many other trading tools in the space. Some of the unique features of the TrailingCrypto trading tool include Unified Crypto exchanges, allowing trade on crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, CEX.IO, Coinex, and Cryptopia. Other exchanges supported on TrailingCrytpo are HitBtc, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Okex, and Polenix, with plans to add even more the long list.

TrailingCrypto also offer wide order type support, which are natively not available on all exchanges; as well as apply 256-Bit encryption for optimum security. The order types supported on TrailingCrypto are as follows:

  • Simple: Market and Limit orders
  • Advance: Trailing Stop, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Instant Sell/Buy orders
  • Conditional: OSO and OCO

Other features of the platform include a notification to keep users updated about open orders status and an active social media community. The best feature yet of TrailingCrypto is that it is free for users during the beta phase, allowing persons interested in making profit trading digital currency to gain access to this amazing tool without paying a dime. However, the tool will be available in two parts at the end of the beta phase – the free version and the premium version.

The comprehensiveness, ease of use, and relative affordability of TrailingCrypto makes it a one-stop solution for all digital currency trading needs.

More information about TrailingCrypto and the products offered can be found on their website – as well as a video on TrailingCrypto on YouTube. TrailingCrypto is also available across several social media platforms including FacebookTwitterTelegram, and Medium.

About TrailingCrypto

TrailingCrypto is a 24×7 trading platform with advanced trading options for trading cryptocurrency with various connected exchanges. TrailingCrypto innovative tool has been described by some quarters as “An Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Tool”.

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