Traditional Fundraising Ideas “Don’t Work” Claims Top New Zealand Fundraising Firm

Survey reveals fundraising groups are leaving money on the table.

Tauranga, New Zealand, June 9th 2014 – Fast Fundraising, a New Zealand company that makes products to help nonprofits raise money for good causes, claims that traditional fundraising methods no longer work.

A recent survey performed by the company asked 100 members of the general New Zealand public, whom were interviewed as they went around their daily activities in a shopping centre, what they would consider to be the best type of fundraising ideas to raise money for a good cause. Good cause examples were given as sports kit for a school, donations for an animal welfare centre, or funds to buy equipment for an individual, such as a disabled child. A large 68% of the participants said they thought a cake sale was the best way to raise money. Of the remaining 32%, the majority listed a sponsored event as the best way; such as a sponsored walk, a sponsored swim or a sponsored team game. A sponsored pub quiz was also mentioned twice.

On further questioning, the survey takers were asked if they would donate to the cause via the cupcake sales or the sponsored event. Only 39% of partakers said they would purchase a cupcake or sponsor the event.

One lady remarked “Although I probably would buy a couple of cupcakes to support a local school or similar good cause, the truth is I would not eat them and I would end up giving them to the birds. I like to know where my food comes from and know the kitchen where is produced is hygienic and that the cook has washed their hands appropriately. I know this sounds fussy, but it’s just how I am, so cupcake sales would not really get as much money from me as another type of fundraising might. However, I answered it as the best way to raise funds because it is what everyone seems to do. so I assume it must be a good method.”

A young woman in her 20s, listed sponsored events as the best fundraising method, and said she does sometimes contribute when asked to sponsor an event, because she feels obliged, but never quite understands the ideology behind sponsored walks and swims.

“I feel I have to give something when asked but sometimes I find it quite annoying to be honest” , said the participant. “While I think it’s great that kids walk 5 miles in the park, or swim 10 laps of the local pool, they are not really doing anything that kids do not do anyway. Walking a mile for a 10-year-old is nothing – I used to walk 2 miles to school and back every day and thought nothing of it, like hundreds of other kids in our town. I think if an event is to be sponsored, it should be something that will benefit the community, such as graffiti cleaning or helping the elderly with household or difficult chores for a day. I would definitely give more money for such an event.”

Fast Fundraising has come up with an innovative idea to raise funds for good causes in the way of scratch booklets. This is proving to be an extremely effective method of raising funds in New Zealand and also Australia, where Fast Fundraising has a sister company. To find out more about this brilliant fundraising method that does not require any upfront money, click on the company’s website link below.

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