Top Technological Breakthroughs Made by Smart Airwheel R6 Electric Assist Bike

Recently, Airwheel ushers a new arrival, which is R6 electric assist bicycle. Based on achievements of R3 and R5, R6 has made several new technological breakthroughs, such as electric scalable system, energy recovery system, battery management system, trip computer or ultra-small volume and so on. It completely becomes a great assistant for people.

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Airwheel stops upgrading its products and recent R6 smart electric assist bicycle is the typical example. It becomes an excellent life assistant. On the one hand, it is able to cover various travel demands. On the other hand, it is a great exercise equipment. After all, bicycling is a common aerobic exercise. Compared with other e bikes, R6 is full of wisdom, which benefits from those technological breakthroughs. The following will introduce them one after another.


Electric scalable system comes very first. Airwheel innovates previous multiple folding system and makes extend or contract via one button. Moreover, it is automatic. The mini body of Airwheel R6 electric bike can be carried around easily. It is also equipped with energy recovery of Tesla car. It is well known that common electric vehicles will consume a lot of electricity in the process of brake. However, the energy recovery system is able to transform the kinetic energy into electricity for storage and reuse, which will greatly lengthen the range. The battery management system is another bright spot. The reliable charge and discharge technology offers 8-circuit protection and enhances the efficiency, which guarantees security. The equipped trip computer helps riders freely regulate riding modes and monitor some real-time data, such as speed, mileage, electricity or settings and so on. Riding becomes easy and safe.

Airwheel R6 smart e bike

Car-level painting technology of Airwheel R6 smart e bike enables its surface appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, which makes long service life be possible. Besides, R6 selects a pair of 14-inch tires, which own special tread and excellent grip performance. The alloy wheel hubs are rarely affected by the temperature and thus are very stable. Ultra-small volume is another outstanding merit. According to test, the folding volume is only equivalent to suitcase. Prevention thievery of battery is also a small innovation, for it supports one second to lock so as to reduce the risk of battery theft.

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