Top Rated Clinical Reasoning Software Bridge Gap Between Research, Expert Clinical Practice And Crashes The Cost Of Medical Learning

3 Jul, 2017 – It is no strange news that most medical and physical therapy doctors graduate with heavy debt from student loans. Graduating as a medical student is almost inseparable with loans because a larger percentage of it comes from the cost of textbook materials.

Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopedics Suite is a new product from PhysioU created to aid physical therapy students and clinicians. The app comes as the world’s most comprehensive rehabilitation clinical reasoning software with thousands of high-resolution videos at a fraction of the cost of several hundreds of dollars’ worth of textbook materials. It is no doubt a low-cost solution to the future of learning as it redefines how medical students and clinical experts acquire knowledge.

Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopedics Suite integrates the latest evidence from the clinical practice guidelines into a simple playable format. The videos show how patient’s often present in the clinic and explores the best tests for physical examination.

Simply put, the app links common patient presentations to appropriate testing and interventions helping to develop clinical reasoning. Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopedics Suite presently has a growing level of adoptions from top rated rehabilitation programs that recognize how teaching and learning have changed for a new generation of students and clinicians.

“We are happy to launch our latest product, Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopedics Suite. The suite is the result of years of research and exploration. Our dedicated team of professors and developers have been able to create an app which is set to redefine how people learn. The app is great as it helps you become more efficient at recognizing patterns and more confident in the clinic,” says Professor Michael Wong, the founder of PhysioU.

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The digital pocket-size reference guide is an innovative, simple to use, evidence-based app, developed to help students and clinicians organize and access the overwhelming amounts of information regarding diagnosing, assessing, movement faults, and treatments. Clinical Pattern Recognition Orthopedics Suite is consistently updated to guide students and clinicians as a reference guide that can be used in either the classroom, in the clinic, at home or on the go.

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