Top Holdings Inc. Announces Launch of AZT Systems For Restaurants, Goes To Kickstarter For Funding Needs

Top Holdings Inc. announces campaign on Kickstarter for launch of AZT Systems, the world’s most intelligent restaurant system.

Top Holdings Inc. has announced that their fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter is now live for their AZT Systems project. Customers can make use of this friendly frontend to order food in a more convenient manner. It can also help restaurants cut costs and ensure more efficiency.

“We have created a system that was designed to help in easy navigation,” says the spokesperson for Top Holdings. “Customers in a restaurant can use the system to prioritize the order in which to receive the food and can even track the order. What’s more, the system can also be used to customize processes for restaurants based on their scale and size of operations and unique needs.”

Customers can select the priority in which they want to receive the ordered food items and track order-status as well. Orders can be easily customized for flavor, cooking method and any special instructions and they can do this conveniently from the dining table itself.

According to the company spokesperson, the system also allows customers to share feedback and helps them make informed decisions based on feedback provided by other users. They can call the host, request for condiments and even make payment for food ordered right from their table with the touch of a button. AZT Systems is ushering in a revolutionary way of enjoying eating out by taking convenience to the next level.

Customers can get all the information they want about the nutritional value, ingredients and calories of any item on the menu or about the food they have ordered. They can also stay updated with all the current and upcoming promotions, offers and events in their chosen restaurants by visiting the Announcement section.

The AZT System is created not just for the convenience of customers but for the restaurant owners and management too. The system brings about a high level of efficiency across all levels of operations within the restaurant.

The management can turn more tables in less time and thus improve their revenue generation without having to make any major changes in their existing arrangements. They can earn more revenue even with less seating capacity. The order processing can be streamlined and micro-management eliminated. AZT Systems offer real time dashboards for hosts and managers to monitor the entire operations of the restaurant from one convenient place.

Restaurants can also save money as the need to print menus repeatedly for minor updates can be avoided. The entire setup can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a restaurant using the use-friendly tools and features. There are many plans available for restaurants to choose from based on their budget, size of operation and needs.

Top Holdings Inc. is aiming to raise $50,000 from their campaign on Kickstarter. The deadline for the campaign is 3 November, 2017.

About AZT Systems:

AZT Systems is arguably the world’s most intelligent restaurant management system developed by Top Holdings Inc. Customers can use the system’s user-friendly frontend to enjoy a far enhanced food ordering experience. Restaurants can use the system to infuse more efficiency in operations across the board and save money by cutting down on staff requirement.

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