Top 4 questions about the bail bonds process

Many people have questions about the bail bonds process. Roger Sayegh, a bail bondsman in California and owner of Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds, answers the most common questions.


1) Is bail a right?

Yes, Mr. Sayegh says. “The 8th Amendment requires a judge to set a bail for someone accused of a crime, except in very specific and rare circumstances. If the person is a danger to the public or a flight risk, bail can be denied, but the judge has to explain his reason for denying bail,” he said.

2) Does bail have to be cash?

That depends on the jurisdiction, in some places, putting up real estate is a sufficient bond, he said. Cash is always accepted. Bail bond companies put down money.

3) Why do bail bond companies charge for posting bail?

“We have expenses like employee salaries, utility bills and taxes. We have to pay these bills. We also expect to make a profit, just like banks and loan agencies that charge you interest to borrow money,” Mr. Sayegh said. “We when post bail for someone, we are loaning that person money.”

3) How much can a bail bondsman charge?

Mr. Sayegh said this also varies by jurisdiction. Most states have a law saying how much can be charged. In California, it is 10 percent of the bail. If the bail is $10,000, the bail bondsman charges $1,000.

4) Can a person make payments?

“That’s a decision each bail bond company makes. At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds, we do take payments. We will work with you to make those payments affordable,” he said. “Every bail bonds company has a contract that explains its payment policies.”

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