Tone Excel Program let users to earn more side income

Rising living conditions in the country are taking a toll on the Malaysian working class. Expenses keep growing and eventually one source of income may not be enough. Tone Excel has just released a new way to earn more money on the side through the mobile phone industry.

Any person would want an opportunity that allows them to earn passive income they can add to the salary they receive from their day job each month. Tone Excel’s new WOW SIM was the company’s first venture into the mobile industry 5 years ago. Since then, the number of users has already grown to over a million.

Despite the product having been around for several years, the number of mobile phone users in Malaysia keep rising and is actually now up to almost 20 million users. Tone Excel knows that the potential of their product had just risen exponentially which would translate to even more sponsorship earnings for their current and future users as well.

However, many of its users fail to expand their network mainly because they don’t have a plan/strategy to recruit and get more members. In turn, this leads to dormant accounts which doesn’t generate income or worse the product just expires because the user forgot to top-up.

“Many of our WOW SIM users just don’t have the time to recruit in the traditional sense and they don’t know any other way to expand their network. This is the main reason why we developed this new Tone Excel program to help our clients explore other options like social media and the internet to build their network,” said a representative from the Tone Excel Group.

This new program introduces users to new strategies to help them sell the WOW SIM as an affiliate. A guide is also included to help them navigate through social media networks and the internet to effectively market the product.

Users who join this program don’t only get effective strategies and guidance, they will also be given their own professional affiliate site for the sim which allows them to promote their product like a pro.


The Tone Excel Group is a partnership between the Tune Group and Celcom resulting to Tone Excel in 2010 which helped further the mobile industry in Malaysia. You can check out all their programs and newest ventures at or (Malay Language).

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