Tommy John Surgery Guru Shocks Baseball With Groundbreaking VELOCITY Program

Mark McClure, Managing Director of Neuro Performance Rehab launched their PATENTED Neuro Velocity Program this summer and since its July inception, 100% of their clients have seen velocity increases of at least 3MPH and up to 7MPH in some cases.

Miami, FL – Miami based Neuro Performance Rehab has been making serious waves in the international baseball community with the recent announcement two weeks ago of the elimination of their 60th case of Tommy John surgery.  However, it is their highly advanced Neuro Velocity program that now has MLB, college and high school coaches and players talking and one that, not unlike their Tommy John Surgery Elimination program, could change the face of baseball. One recent pitcher at Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland, FL) reported an astounding increase of 7MPH after finishing the program, going from 81MPH to 88MPH and is now able to maintain it.  How is this possible? Neuro Performance Rehab’s (NPR) Managing Director, Mark McClure explains.

“Your muscles are controlled by your nervous system and if they are not firing on all cylinders and thus hindering your velocity and control, it means your “software” (nervous system) is not working at peak capacity. All the strength training and pitching mechanic exercises in the world are useless unless your nervous system is working efficiently and when it does, watch out! That’s what separates Neuro Velocity training from everything else you have ever done and a reason top major league and collegiate pitchers use our patented and proprietary system of neurological training to elevate their velocity but more importantly, perfect their control and rapidly reduce their recovery time.”  

With NPR’s patented POV technology and proprietary training protocols, designed by Evo-Ultrafit’s Jay Schroeder, they are able to send neurological information to the brain and nervous system that your muscles are training at MAXIMUM VELOCITY (your nervous system will be receiving stimulus at 245 X per second), and thus a 10 minute EXTREME SLOW Velocity Pitching session with their system equates to about a 3 hour session with the training techniques you are using today, however, you’re doing this intense training without harmful compensatory actions. 

NPR’s Managing Director, Mark McClure goes into more depth:

“Almost every exercise you do in strength training creates harmful compensation patterns, which are neurological in nature, and these compensation patterns create improper movements as a whole leading to injury and much, much, much slower recovery time. For example, every time you bench press you’re using 100% of your power on the push movement and 60-75% on the lowering movement, telling the brain and nervous system that it can shut down 25-40% of the support in this pulling movement. What does that do? Your 25-40% weaker than you are pushing off. Crazy but absolutely true. Same with the leg press. You use 100% on the push movement and 60-75% on the lowering movement, weakening yourself neurologically and in the process creating harmful compensatory actions that lead to slower gains and injury.

Why do you think there are so many hamstring injuries? Why do you think there are so many ACL tears? Because they are neurologically deficient in so many areas and stronger in others that this imbalance leads to injury and at best, inconsistent performance. With our patented POV technology and proprietary protocols developed by Jay Schroeder, however, we are able to send information to the brain and nervous system at 245X per second as opposed to the normal 2 x per second, that you’re doing it 100% neurologically correct one way and 100% correct neurologically correct the other way at MAXIMUM capability.  This makes you stronger, faster, and more agile in a fraction of the time as traditional training while dramatically eliminating the chance of injury. In essence we allow you to train at a 100% of your neurological and physiological capabilities for much, much longer periods of time, which in turn produces rapid gains in speed and strength because it forces the brain and nervous system to send in the appropriate support to allow you to do this. More cellular support, blood flow, muscle fiber inclusion and activation of ancillary muscles never before used in those movements.  In the traditional sense, however, you would never be able to do this for long durations of time because it would be physically taxing and thus that is why you see athletes gains come in very slow segments and ultimately hit a plateau that a lot are never able to overcome,” McClure stated.

Starting pitcher for Lynn University, Ryan Caporice, was astounded by the rapid, quantifiable results;

“Mark put me through 10 sessions of Extreme Slow on my non-dominant side and the results were astounding. It was towards the end of summer ball, but I finished with 12 innings of HITLESS BALL, the last 3 innings were perfect and my ERA dropped 2 full runs and hitters finished .150 against me.  No other program like this even comes close.”

McClure adds that by using the POV and their patented protocols, you are able to train your agonist and antagonist muscles simultaneously, making them more explosive and more energy efficient.

“We are able to train the biceps, for example, that for every one pound of force it receives in 1/10th of second in eccentric contraction (lengthened), we are training the triceps to receive that same load in that same time frame in concentric contraction (shortened).  This makes you more energy efficient, allows you to display strength and speed at greater force than your peers for much longer periods of time and more importantly, your recovery time is more than 50% less than what it would be with traditional training. One only has to look at someone training in a traditional sense with say, the bench press.  Look at them at rep 7, at rep 8 or 9? They are arching their back in a lot of cases and using their dominant arm to push them through, creating a compensation pattern and really receiving zero benefit at that point.  With the POV, you’re in correct form all the way through at MAXIMUM load and/or rep, eliciting rapid gains without compensation patterns.”

So how does the EXTREME SLOW protocol work for the Neuro Velocity program? Well, first and foremost the Extreme Slow protocol is used to lay the foundation neurologically in order that they can take you to the more ADVANCED physiological level you are looking to reach.  Every pitcher NPR takes on, for example, is first taken through this intense 30 day (45 to 60 days if needed) Extreme Slow and EVO UltraFit Neuro Strength plan to set the stage to advance to the next level.  The results for the pitcher, however, during this time period are quantifiable and remarkable. The past 12 pitchers NPR has put through their Extreme Slow program all had gains of a minimum of 3MPH in under 9 days with some reporting gains of 5+MPH.  A catcher that went through the program saw his pop time go from 2.2 to 2.0 in less than 2 weeks, opening the doors to D1 schools almost immediately.

With Neuro Performance Rehab’s patented Extreme Slow Neuro Velocity Program, they take the pitcher through their wind up one time, over a 5 minute period on the NON DOMINANT side. While it will be an EXTREME SLOW movement physically, the brain and nervous system is getting information that it is occurring extremely fast since your muscles will be neurologically contracting at up to 245X per second as opposed to the normal 2X per second.  This means that the brain and nervous system are then forced to send in an increase in blood flow, muscle fibers, ancillary muscle support, nutritional support, cellular support, etc., to allow this to happen while neurologically eliminating harmful compensation patterns that hinder velocity and increase injuries.  This would be the equivalent for example, of being able to max out on your shoulder press many, many times over in proper form without having to arch your back, use your more dominant arm to push through or to hold your breath to push past limits. You would be training at your MAX capacity for longer durations and thus forcing the nervous system to respond with more support. But why the NON DOMINANT side? 

“Think about it. If you’re a right handed pitcher your brain and nervous system knows exactly what do to on that side because it has been doing it all its life, albeit still with compensation patterns. Try throwing left handed and it’s uncomfortable and definitely awkward.  So that right handed pitcher is 80% neurologically efficient on the right hand side and maybe 15% on the left hand side. Can you imagine if as a pitcher you were 100% neurologically efficient on both sides of your body and were able to move without compensation patterns, how much more velocity would you would have? How much more stamina? How injury resistant you would become? It’s impossible for traditional training to accomplish this, but with our POV technology and Extreme Slow protocols we can. By taking the pitcher through their wind up twice, over a 5 minute period each time for a total of 10 minutes, strapped to the POV and their muscles neurologically contracting at 245X per second, we are sending information to the brain and nervous system that this happening hundreds and hundreds of times without compensatory actions. This in turn allows us to rapidly strengthen the non-dominate side in correct position and transform that pitcher, that athlete, into a stronger individual at a much, much faster pace and develop a neurological balance that will translate into higher velocity, more strength and speed as an athlete and more importantly the ability to display this skill for much longer periods of time without compensation patterns”, McClure added.  Towards the end of the program we add in training on the DOMINANT side and once complete, you have a bullet proof pitcher ready to do things physically they have never been able to do before. But the beautiful thing is, is that we can do this for hitters, running, etc. 

Assistant coach Frank Joy of the Boca Raton based Florida Pokers, the 14U 2014 Perfect Game World Series Champions, is now a believer.  

“We put three players into the Neuro Velocity program with Mark recently and saw increases of 3MPH to 5 MPH in each player, all by session 7.  At the Perfect Game World Series this year, one of our left handed pitchers came to Mark throwing 80-81MPH and 1 week later at the World Series the radar gun clocked him at 85MPH on the scoreboard.  He had trained all week on the POV strictly non-dominant. He is now sitting at 88MPH consistently!  There is absolutely nothing like this program in existence. Nothing.”

McClure says that he is now being asked to come into collegiate baseball programs to not only bring his Tommy John Surgery Elimination rehab and prevention program, but the Neuro Velocity Program as well. To many, he said, it has involved getting them to rethink the way they rehab and to rethink the way they train their players. Not just as pitchers, catchers, outfielders, etc., but as human beings.

“Look, you give me ANY player with an arm issue, I don’t care how bad or injured, I will have them back throwing 100% pain free, symptom free in under 2 weeks. Period. So long as their ligament is not a full tear, I will have them back as good if not better than before injury.  Because the injury is neurological not physiological and a reason why we have eliminated 60+ cases of Tommy John surgery and counting. We locate and treat the neurological origin of what is causing the symptom utilizing our patented ARP Wave System, than rapidly eliminate it with our proprietary TJ surgery elimination protocols.  Velocity training is the same thing. Increasing velo is NOT about physical strength training per se, it is about powering the nervous system to allow you to strength train properly and then display that strength, speed and velocity for longer durations of time. The nervous system runs everything that we do. EVERYTHING.  And by training and powering the very foundation that runs our being, you will see quantum leaps in velocity, speed and strength you have never been able to reach before in a much, much quicker time frame,” McClure ended.

To reach out to Mark McClure and learn more about his Neuro Performance Rehab’s TJ Surgery Elimination Program, Neuro Velocity Program, Rapid ACL Surgery Recovery Program, etc., call 214-417-1218.

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