May 9, 2018 – With the booming age of social media and e-commerce, an emerging new platform has perfectly blended both in the digital world and it is called Tomlibo. The platform is currently available on Desktop & Google Play Store and it is getting a phenomenal response from around the world for its simplicity and useful features. Tomlibo is basically a social networking platform, which is also an easy to use shopping website or app, where users can not only share moments with their friends, family or customers but they can also follow their favorite stores or brands and discover exciting things.

“We founded Tomlibo because we wanted to create a trustworthy and inspiring place for users to stay connected and share moments with friends and family in a more secure environment,” said Debanan Pal, the founder of Tomlibo, while introducing the new platform. “Our goal with this inspiring platform is to enable people to build a trusted community, help each other, snap and sell pre-loved or unused items locally for free or even setting up a premium store with global marketplace listing,” Debanan added. According to another spokesperson for the company, the site is built on a secure platform to ensure user data and privacy protection at all times.

In addition to socializing and branding, Tomlibo can also be effectively used for creating awareness for businesses. From a cause to a brand or a business’s online store, users can create and promote a new brand while also creating a social network simultaneously. Moreover, they can also use this platform for their personal use by creating a personalized personal page to project their personality in their own unique way. Similarly, users can also create brand and business pages or their own online stores in this network of the future.

For e-commerce, this new platform promises more engagement and profitability than ever before with its many unique features. Users can post, share, like and express themselves with an absolute freedom and the platform offers an all-inclusive type of an interface, which makes it a one-stop solution for all kinds of social and e-commerce needs. Tomlibo is also beta testing their iOS app, which will be available soon from Apple play store. The Android app also features tons of useful functions with a simple looking UI which makes it even more attractive to use.

“At Tomlibo, we believe everyone has the right to live their life in public or private where control over personal data and content is guaranteed. Users have the full control of their content as to who to share with and what they see,” said Debanan, while talking about the privacy policy. For publishers and bloggers, this new platform promises several features to enable them in building their own publishing channel online.

The platform has received a lot of appreciation particularly for its easy to use social sharing options that are quick and very effective. Businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs can easily build a fully-functional online store and collect payments with PayPal or Stripe, which has never been so easy before.

At the moment their teams are spread over in two offices of London and Kolkata (India). According to Debanan, the company has no immediate plans to run ads on the platform and it will soon start monetizing from its premium store features and other services. About funding, the founder said the company is bootstrapping and also secured a small round of angel funding from the UK based angle network; and it is currently in talks with a few VC firms to raise a bigger round.

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