To Explore the Unknown World with Airwheel R8 Smart Electric Men’s Mountain Bikes

Now the world is filled with things and people they already know. It is very likely for them to get bored about life. However, not everyone can just model after David Beckham and ride a motorcycle to a distant place. An Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike is also able to achieve the same effect.

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The celebrity charm is never underestimated. Once, Beckham went on an adventurous trip to Amazon Rain Forest as well as his three friends by motorcycle, which made more people interested in riding motorcycles around the world. Looking forward to explore the unknown world, you may need the help of Airwheel R8 trekking bike to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

R8 Triangle frame electric bike

Given that motorcycle consumes gasoline, it is not that environmentally friendly. Therefore, people can choose an Airwheel R8 electric mountain biketo explore the unknown around the city. It adopts electricity, a clean energy source, as the power source, thus doing no harm to the environment. Apart from that, due to its small size and light weight, riders can go around the city without any boundaries from the traffic condition. They can go to any place they want and feel free to take a rest if needed. For urban residents, this activity will tremendously release their stress and also fulfill their desire for adventure.


More interestingly, the 26 inch branded wheels with special tread has excellent grip performance, nonslip allowing R8 Triangle frame electric bike to conquer various road conditions. Also, R8 supports three ride modes—man-powered, moped and electricity styles and riders can alter each mode freely to achieve different range. In electricity-assisted style, the powerful hub motor offers more powerful and stable force.

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Like other intelligent electric scooters, R8 is equipped with smart App. App fault self-diagnosis guarantees your safety before travelling with the attentive intelligent design to set the speed level. The charm of life lies in the unknown part instead of what people already know. As a result, it will be much more fun to ride an R8 electric cross bikearound the city and start to explore those places and things that remain undiscovered.

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