Titus Coin ICO Planning to Produce Strong Currency

New Currency Option Works to Produce a Strong Payment Method

October 9, 2017 – The Titus Coin ICO is expected to be one of the hottest new initial coin offerings to find. The ICO is being utilized to support the development of Titus Invest Ltd to build up the company and to support its technology.

The general project will entail a new currency produced with half of the profits from the currency going to each of the individual investors. Much of the profits will be used to add to the coin’s value while also supporting Titus’ efforts in producing a stronger community.

A base of fifty initial members has been set up so far. These initial investors have been critical in helping to get the production of the new coins ready. This, in turn, improves upon the simplicity involved with keeping investments organized well enough.

The general goal of the ICO is to help make the Titus Coin the currency of the future. It is being promoted as a solution for retailers that offer low fees. It also works for consumers as they can get their money moved to retailers without worrying about bank interference. There is also the benefit to consumers of their coins increasing in value over time, thus expanding the potential buying power that comes with the coins.

The ICO, which uses blockchain technology, will start on October 15 at 0900 CET and end on October 19 at 2100 CET or when 100 million coins have been purchased. The escrow period for each coin will be for up to 150 days after the initial purchase of each coin.

The ICO is available to most countries. It is not available to people in the United States, China, Singapore or either North or South Korea.

The coin is being promoted as a distinct advancement in the world of cryptocurrency. A special node system makes it easier for the coin transaction process to run faster and with fewer requirements involved. This, in turn, makes it easier for a blockchain to be updated and fully functional.

Information on the new Titus Coin ICO system is available at www.tituscoin.com. A full white paper that lists information on the new currency is included.

Telegram https://t.me/tituscoin

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