Tired of watching new ICO launches every day? Check out the new Just-a-Joke coin to take a break from it all

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market has not been showing any remarkable growth for some time, crypto enthusiasts are hopeful as ever, which is evident from the seemingly endless new crypto coin launches every other day. The creators of Just-a-Joke coin (JAJ) however, had an interesting idea to create a crypto coin that brings belly-jiggling laughter to crypto enthusiasts and investors all around the world. JAJ is an ERC20 token with literally no value of its own! The whole idea behind creating JAJ and its so-called ICO is to do a light-hearted and humorous spoof to the cryptocurrency world.

JAJ, as the name suggests is just a joke. The value of 1 JAJ is equal to 0.001 ETH and cryptoinvestors can simply burn their money into this coin, with no hopes to get any returns back or send it to a friend as gag-gift. The coin can be sent to someone new to cryptocurrency or someone they want to invite to join the cryptocurrency world. JAJ supports general well-being of every crypto investor and enthusiast out there. In the times when the market takes an unexpected turn, this coin aims to bring hope and smile to the investors while preventing crypto depression.

The whole website of Just-a-Joke (or JAJ) token looks like a funny spoof of cryptocurrency ICOs. The creators have clearly specified that the risk of losing all the virtual or real currency by investing in JAJ is 100%. Of course, this means unlike with investment in other coins, there is no fear, uncertainty, or doubt with investing in JAJ. It will never have any value, other than being ridiculously funny. It’s not for earning profit but to make someone laugh by sending them JAJ in their crypto wallet.

The team behind JAJ constitutes of Chief Toasting Officer, Chief Fishing Officer, and Chief Illumination Officer. Their whitepaper, yellow paper, plastic, and a cool clock from the thrift store can be found at the official website of JAJ. Any donations to the project will help spread belly-jiggling laughs.

Media Contact
Company Name: JUST-A-JOKE
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
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Country: United States
Website: jaj.lol