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Drop Shipping Service from and ( for Chinese to buy goods online and it has become one of the biggest companies in China. If you are new in this region or you just want to explore this vast world of possibilities, then you must really know about some tips, which can make your shopping experience much better.

Language barrier

One of the most astonishing aspects of this website is that it is fully Chinese. You will not find a single word of any other language even not of English, which is not supported by China. You really can’t use Google translate to accurately understand what’s written, which makes it uncomforting for international clients. Thus, agent sites like come into picture, which give all the information in your native language to kill the barrier of communication.


Every website uses some words to make the search results easy and accurate. You might like to search things according to price, popularity, seller etc. to be pre specific about your taste. You can also choose the color and the stock of the product you are willing to pay for.


Taobao online shopping gets complicated with thousands of sellers competing to get your attention. You have to save yourself from fake ones or those, who charge you more for less. You should always pick any experienced seller, which can be easily know thorough their profile. Make sure to see the number of transactions they have gone through with successful deliveries, which will give a good hint about their reliability. If the seller has been rated with blue or yellow crowns you can trust their deals.


The website only admires all the transaction in Chinese currency ‘Yuan’, which can be problematic for all the foreign clients. If you are a Chinese customer, than you do have all sorts of modern facilities to pay all for your desired products.

Way to you

After choosing the seller and the product, you must also ensure if its delivery is available on international basis. Remember, that most of the sellers on this website don’t prefer out of the country shipping. Shipping might also cost you way more than what you had to pay if u would had buy the product from some other country. Keep in mind that it takes around seven to forty working days to get what you asked for.

So, before making any quick decision keep all the tips in mind to save you from any fraudulent activity.

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