Timeshare Recyclers Offers Ethical Trade-in Solutions

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers Offers a Myriad of Benefits to Developers and Homeowners Associations, Including a Simple Way to Handle Transfers and Closings

Is your sales room struggling to sell timeshare owners? The Association of Timeshare Recyclers (ATR) offers a simple solution with its Trade-in Services, available exclusively to ATR-affiliated developers and ARDA affiliated travel clubs.

One of the most powerful tools a developer can equip a sales team with are trade-ins. A timeshare trade-in is simply the action of allowing an existing timeshare owner to trade an old timeshare for a new one. The transaction itself is virtually identical to that of trading a used car for a new one. Timeshare trade-in services are arguably one of the most effective exit strategies for consumers, as well. For a timeshare owner, the transaction of exiting a used timeshare to purchase a new one is a seamless and simple process. It removes the need for them to pay large advertising fees and minimizes the risk that they could fall victim to a resale or relief scam. Trade-ins are also healthy for the industry as a whole, because we are creating a consumer perception that timeshares are flexible, have value, and easy to exit from. Also, since the timeshare owners are on presentation with another timeshare developer, no one is degrading or denigrating the industry. Finally, trade-ins are the only timeshare exit solution that results in a new sale for the industry.

“Trade-ins are a smart and strategic solution that the industry in general should get behind. It offers timeshare owners an easy way out, helps developers sell a demographic that would otherwise be virtually impossible to sell, and the ATR Recycling program ensures that the inventory that is traded-in is managed in a responsible way. Trade-ins are a win-win-win exit solution for consumers, developers, and for HOAs,” says J. Michael Martinez, the ATR’s executive vice president of business development. “With our ATR Trade-in Services, we offer ATR member companies a clean and pressed solution that makes the entire process seamless and easy for them.”

Key components of the ATR Trade-in Services include:

  • Zero developer cost for the program
  • Developer revenue share opportunities for the recycled inventory
  • No resort exclusion list
  • Advanced cloud systems that offer total transparency to monitor the transfer process
  • ATR is completely compliant with US regulations
  • Guarantee to complete the transfer on all trade-ins
  • ATR ethical trade-in partner certification seal to place in your sales rooms

What’s more, the ATR also offers consultative services to other trade-in companies who would like to improve their transfer process and white label services for industry professionals who would like to open their own trade-in franchise.  The ATR white label franchise is a great opportunity for individuals who would like to easily get into the lucrative trade-in business, and want the security of knowing that their transfers are being managed in a legal, responsible and ethical manner.

For more information visit http://www.timesharerecyclers.com.

About the Association of Timeshare Recyclers:

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers (ATR) is a conglomerate of companies, founded by Heather Guffin, who is also the current company president and CEO. The company’s mission is to find, create, and promote exit strategies that work for the industry as a whole. The ATR actively searches for and endeavors to create exit strategies that provide a win-win-win scenario for consumers, active sales rooms, and HOAs. In order to fulfill the ATR’s mission, it actively seeks to form alliances with other timeshare resellers, renters, and trade-in companies that work hard every day to recycle timeshares on the secondary market.

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers grows message and brand awareness through regular attendance of timeshare events and conferences while maintaining a constant line of open communication with its key target audience via social media, regularly updated press releases, informative blogs and a bimonthly newsletter.

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