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Jersey City, New Jersey – In a fascinating Forbes article written by Martin Zwilling titled, How To Prepare For the Entrepreneur Life You Want, was mentioned with the comments, “With new tools like and GamEffective, people of any age can learn to start or take their business to the next level.” founder Clay Clark adds, “As an entrepreneur you have certain milestones that you secretly, and sometimes not-so-secretly, shoot for. I remember when I started the business my first goal was to be able to make $500 per week doing what I loved. Then once the entertainment business began to produce that magical $500 per week for me, I began to set another goal to make $1,000 per week. I thought if I could just make $1,000 per week then I would be on fire! Then once we decided to have five kids, my goals changed again. Short of hiring my Dad, and winning the Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, being mentioned in Forbes has been one of the highlights of my career. Forbes is one of the magazines that I have read for years and years. To go from just reading it, to being actually mentioned in this publication is just overwhelming. To me this is what is all about. Setting and achieving goals is what it means to thrive. Boom!”

The article goes on to discuss Martin Zwilling’s new book, America’s Moment: Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age. The book was put together with a group of fifty current leaders from all across the United States. This book is essentially a compilation of the key recommendations of this group. is currently serving Thrivers (subscribers) in over 45 countries and the business education platform recently announced the creation of the Thrive Time podcast and fee-free workshops for current subscribers. is the official home of NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson and the man who once managed Walt Disney World® Resorts as the former Executive Vice President of Operations, Mr. Lee Cockerell.

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