Three useful methods about how to identify the genuine Kate Spade handbag

April 14, 2014-UK-As one of the young American bag and fashion clothes brands, Michael Kors Australia was initially created and started in 1993 and this famous brand quickly attracted a large number of fans worldwide by their unique designation and concept. In particular, after the appearing of the story of gossip girl, the Kate Spade has already been loved by more and more young people when it compared to some of the old brands. As the high reputation and recognition of this America brand, the price of the genuine Kate Spade handbag is usually much higher than other normally handbag brands. Today, in order to help each consumer have fully understanding about how to better identify the true or false of the Kate Spade handbag, the editor from website Kate Spade UK which is the best online seller for genuine Kate Spade brand will teach each people the clear steps for how to better identify the faked Kate Spade.

First of all, consumer needs to pay more attention to the workmanship and needlework of this famous handbag. The needlework of the genuine michael kors bags traces could be not only neatly but also it could not expose the eye of any needle. On the other hand, the edge of the real leather bags is also more mellow and close with the nature. Consumer could carefully check the detailed photo from website Kate Spade UK to see what is the real situation of the needlework for the genuine Kate Spade handbag.

Secondly, consumer need to check the inside bag of the Kate Spade handbag. The logo pattern on the pockets should be the embroidery which made of the genuine gold thread which will be shined under the light blinking. On the other hand, the logo decorative on the pocket should be also decorated by a tiny metal material spades embellishment. However, the inside pocket of the faked Kate Spade should be a piece of fake leather and fabric color is beige. People could get contact with customer service from Kate Spade UK to know more about these details.

The third identified method should be the most accurate one. The inside bag of the authentic Kate Spade handbags should have a black mark which location should be near the standard washing mark ( On this black mark, there will have a noticeable black silver thread where had been printed the loop words of the brand name Kate spade. This method should be the best one to help people identify the true or false of this commodity.

At last, we recommend people purchase the genuine Kate Spade from Kat Spade UK which is the official online seller for this world famous fashion brand.

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