Three mainstream leather replica belts in today’s market

Nov 25, 2014 – China – The leather materials which used for making the belts are varied into many sorts. Today, the replica louis vuitton belts online seller will introduce with people three mainstream leather belts.

Alligator leather belt

The alligator leather could be regarded as the most luxury one among the leather sorts. This is not only because of the small number of crocodile but also the alligator growth is very slow and the breeding cost for alligator is very high. On the other hand, the available alligator leather could only be got from very limited narrow part of the crocodile abdomen. All of above reasons lead to the luxury feature of these high quality alligator leather belt such as replica sunglasses from .

The natural gradient grid lines could be regarded as the most attractive feature of alligator leather. Although this kind of leather is lack of flexibility, the texture of the alligator leather is very strong. In general, one strip of crocodile leather belt needs to sacrifice one crocodile so the crocodile leather material on the market has very expensive price. That is why the real crocodile leather belt own very unimaginable price. However, the famous replica belts online seller offer the replica crocodile leather belt with very cheap price. Although their replace leather belt only has very low price, the outside texture is very familiar with the real crocodile leather.

Full-grain leather belt

The advantages of full-grain leather should be its good toughness and high end feeling and it can be produced into variety styles of leather belt at any types. However, there are also some shortcomings of the full-grain leather, the first one should be the expensive price and the second disadvantage should be the easily decorated feature and color fading. The repeated contact with water will let the belt in this leather material become harden after drying and then easily breaking.

Split cow leather

There are also the replica belts which were produced by the Split cow leather. The advantage of the Split cow leather should be the low price and high leather performance. The kind of leather is generally used for making casual belt which could also show noble feeling. However, the toughness of the belt in this kind of leather is slightly less than the Full-grain leather belt.

The shortcoming of the Split cow leather replica belt is very obviously. This kind of leather is very easy to appear the fading situation so the belt in this leather could not be matched with light-colored clothing.

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