Three main characteristics of the precision metal sheeting and stamping products from FUTONG Metal

December 31, 2013- China-The metal stamping and sheeting parts could be said the “main structure” of the daily life of people as these metal parts and components would be applied into the manufacturing for the majority of daily used commodities such as cars, computers cabinet, home appliances, chairs, desks, smart phone’s outside case or others. Without the good and precision metal sheeting and stamping parts, it is impossible to let the above commodities have good quality and appearance. As the importance of these foundation metal products, the engineer from FUTONG Metal which is the professional Precision Metal sheeting and stamping manufacturer in China will introduce with people the characteristics of their metal stamping and sheeting products. Hope this information could let people have deeply understanding about these products.

“The meaning of metal stamping and sheeting parts are main related to the metal or non-metallic parts produced by the pressure of the stamping machine’s pressing and the forming by stamping die.” said by the general engineer from FUTONG Metal which website is . Their products have the following characteristics.

Precision metal stamping and sheeting parts are manufactured by the workmanship of stamping out under the premise condition of low material consumption. These metal parts have the advantages of light weight and stiffness. Furthermore, the metal internal structure of the stamping and sheeting parts has been improved after the working process of plastic deformation so that the strength of these metal stampings and sheeting parts has greatly increasing.

Secondly, the precision metal sheeting and stamping parts from FUTONG Metal have owned high dimensional CNC machining accuracy which should be the same with the module size. In a word, the interchangeability of their products is excellent. Without the further machining or processing, these metal stamping and sheeting parts could meet with the general assembly and using requirements for most of normal products in people’s daily life.

On the other hand, due to the surface of the metal material for metal stampings could not be damaged in the machine stamping process, the stamping parts should have more smoothly surface than other related products. Frankly speaking, the smooth and beautiful appearance of the precision metal stamping and sheeting parts could provide convenient conditions for the followed working processes such as surface painting, plating, phosphate and other surface treatments.

These points all refers to the three main features of the precision metal sheeting and stamping parts from FUTONG METAL. If people want to know more information about their high quality metal products, please visit their official website


FUTONG has devoted into the industry of precision metal fabrication for more metal processing than 20 years. As a skilled manufacturer in sheet metal fabrication industry, we specialized in a wide range of sheet metal forming process, such as metal stamping, deep drawing, bending process, metal shaping, welding, assembly etc., and we specialized in a large of metal products, such as metal enclosure, metal cabinet, network cabinet, control panel, distribution box, tool box, metal rack, metal frame etc.

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