Three commonly seen main yeast products in our daily life

May 11, 2015 – America – Maybe you own some knowledge about the application and production about the Yeast extract? Maybe you do not know anything about this. However, this article from the famous Yeast extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract supplier will you three main yeast products in our daily life.

Dried food yeast

The production process for the dry food yeast is relatively simple. People could direct use the tumble drying device to dry the washed separated yogurt Plasmolysis and then the resulting product is dry food yeast. The product has 30% soluble substance and it rich in VB, protein, dietary fiber, trace elements and others. It can be used in health food, spices and other powder products.

Dried autolysed yeast

The product has 50% of the soluble substance which has rich and comprehensive nutrition and flavor. It can be used for making crackers, meat and other products which need to improve taste and flavor.

Yeast extract

Yeast extract is the finished products that has been removed the cell wall and insoluble molecule after hydrolyzing enzymes by using its own fully autolyzed Plasmolysis. During the production process, people could strictly control the degree of hydrolysis of yeast protein itself to meet different application needs. Finally, this product could be concentrated into half of yeast extract paste, paste products, oil embedded, microcapsules and powder products to be suitable for different microparticles application demands.


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