Three commonly problem for consumers who want to purchase Bicycle Clothing from rocky-cycling

The classification of the 2015 Team Castelli Jersey

For the cycling shirt, it could be divided into long-sleeved and short-sleeved two sorts. In addition, there is also upper underwear, but it will not be discussed as most of our consumers are not the professional riders. Most of the products from are made into the slim cut as much as possible close to not let the sweat and heat buildup on the body surface. Then, we will talk about the riding pants. Initially, the pants are also certainly slim cut which could not only help to evaporate sweat, but also let the clothes do not interfere the leg movements especially the rotation of the knee. On the other hand, riding pants could also be divided into long version and short version.

Why some of those Cycling team Apparel have such high price?

The reason is very simple. The better quality cycling jersey has more reliable tailoring, good design, good printing method and more comfortable cushion. Please remember that the protective pad is another crucial point in the riding pants as is directly related to security issues of your lower body.

Why not consider silicone pad riding pants? What is COOLMAX?

COOLMAX is just a fabric technology and its role is to be able to make sweat rapid vapor and go through the fabric. On the other hand, it could also get closers to your skin. For the problem why we do not suggest you choose the Silica gel jersey is that this material is non-absorbent stuff so it would not achieve the rapid absorption of perspiration and the moisture accumulation in the buttocks is a good thing. At the same time, as its good elastic ability, you cannot be stably sit on it and it will also waste you force to keep stable.

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