Three Collectors Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Celebrate Kachkar Masterpiece

Hratch Karapetian, Vic Karapetian and Christian Blaha have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the preservation and publicity of the Kachkar, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of carving.

The Kachkar is a unique masterpiece that is hand-carved from a single piece of red tuff stone.  Now, three collectors, Hratch Karapetian, Vic Karapetian and Christian Blaha, are celebrating this incredible work, which took six men 18 years to carve, by creating a 16-inch high master replica that will be reproduced in cold cast stone editions.  Master sculptor Roy W. Butler will perform the work on the model by hand using a number of techniques and materials including clay, wax, resin and woven material.  The group will then create silicone molds for mass production of keepsake editions.

The Kachkar is an intricate piece featuring several components.  The Virgin Mary represents motherly protection; the Cross represents the center of all living things; a round heart symbolizes the soul and spirit; an eagle represents freedom; a pigeon represents peace; a tiger stands for strength; and a ram stands for infinity.  Roy W. Butler, who has been chosen to perform the sculpture work, has been recognized for his work in many types of media including bronze, in which he generate a bust of Mr. Vernon Winfrey, father of Oprah Winfrey; Levon Helm, great-great-grandfather of Vanessa Williams; and Representative Sampson Keeble.  He has also worked in terra-cotta, resin and other materials.

Besides the cast for the replicas, the group will also create high-quality, custom-designed fashion jewelry in the form of a pendant necklace featuring the focal heart of the Kachkar. These pendants will be available in 14-karat gold-filled, 14-karat rose gold and sterling silver with a genuine Swarovski crystal.  All pieces will be designed and manufactured in the United States.  

The Kickstarter campaign, located at, will feature pledge levels ranging from $5 to $250, with rewards to include a wide variety of prizes from a post card to a gallery quality sculpture edition.  

See more about specific prizes associated with each pledge level on the Kickstarter page.

About Kachkar: 

The Kachkar masterpiece is an incredibly detailed sculpture made from red tuff stone. Now, a group of supporters has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create replicas of this sculpture as well as a line of jewelry featuring elements from the Kachkar.

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