Three aspects teach you how to better identify the quality of mobile power bank

Nov 6, 2014 – China – The mobile power bank is actually one sort of digital product with relatively simple structure. This product is generally composed of three parts which are shell, batteries and circuit boards. However, different manufacturers will have different attitude about the selection of raw materials and production workmanship. So, consumers should know about basically knowledge about how to judge the quality of mobile power bank. Today, the high quality power bank supplier online supplier will let everyone understand how to better identify the quality of mobile power bank.

The materials of Mobile power shell could be generally divided into two types which are metal and plastic. The former metal shell is inclined to protect the inner structure of the power bank and the latter one is more inclined to portability of this product. Taking into account the cost factors, the vast majority of current mobile power products on the market adopt the plastic housing.

The plastic shell of the card power bank could also be divided into several sorts. One is the ordinary plastic shell not only has poor heat dissipation but also owns very badly fire retardant. These disadvantages already planted a lot of security risks for everyday use.

For these sincerity manufacturers such as the Shenzhen Yousan (, their mobile power banks all adopts the high quality PC or ABS material which not only has high-temperature resistance but also owns very solid texture that could better protect the internal components.

After the introduction of the shell, our focus will move onto the inner batteries of the mobile power bank. During long period of time, the inner batteries of mobile power bank are always the concerned problem of each people since many mobile powers charging products on the market exists the phenomenon of “faked charging value”. However, because consumers do not have professional testing devices, it is difficult for them to distinguish the battery capacity of the power bank. So, the best suggestion should be the selection of these reliable and famous suppliers such as The mobile power supply from Shenzhen Yousan all choose the high quality and superior grade inner batteries and undergo a series of rigorous and professional testing which could help to ensure that every charging capacity of each mobile power bank could reach to standards.

The last factor is about the circuit board. The circuit board in the mobile power supply bears down circuit protection function during charging and discharging process. It just likes a dam which both maintains the actual charge-discharge effect and also can prevent the situations of over charge over discharging, overcurrent, short circuit and other safety problems.

Knowing about above problems, most of consumer could be most likely grasp how to identify the quality of the mobile power bank. However, the way of choosing the high quality mobile power bank is very easily, Shenzhen Yousan will help you achieve this goal.


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