Thousand Islands rehab specializes in the mental health aspect of drug addiction

Addiction can have a powerful influence on a person’s life. Most medical professionals define addiction as an intense craving and loss of power. The addiction comes from craving something intensely. Generally, people will become addicted to a drug after that first high. Regardless of the drug of choice, after the first hit the individual will keep using the drug in search of that first high. Eventually, the individual will lose control over its use, causing the person’s mind and body to become dependent on the drug.

The drug takes power over a person by subverting what the brain registers as pleasure and replacing it with that drug. Despite the adverse effects physically and mentally, the drug addict will keep using and will do whatever he or she deems necessary to get their drug of choice. From lack of love or in pursuit of escapism, the addiction for some offers a reprieve from life’s hardships.

The first step in fighting an addiction is for the addicted to realize that he or she is addicted. At the Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab, an intervention is the start. A friend or family member will sit down and talk to the patient about their addiction in an attempt to make the person realize their problem. Once the patient accepts that there is a problem, a detox will take place in an effort to cleanse the body of the drug. Afterwards, a program will be created in order to keep the addicted off of the drug. The type of drugs that Thousand Islands deals with include but aren’t limited to:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Methamphetamine
  •  Inhalants
  • Alcohol
  • Opioids

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab was established in 2016 and specializes in the mental health aspect of drug addiction. Thousand Islands has certified professionals with degrees as well as many years of experience in the fields of addiction, substance abuse, counseling, and nursing. According to Central Texas News Now 25, Thousand Islands bases its evolution on three main aspects: “First, the experience of several years of work in this industry. Second; the maintenance of a professional relationship with clients. Finally; the extensive range of treatments and recovery programs available that can adapt to the characteristic of each independent addict.”

Thousand Islands offer a holistic approach to addiction rehab. Kluster reports that “Thousand Islands aims to help the person not just the addiction.”  Thousand Islands pride themselves on being one of the best rehab centers in the Toronto and Ontario area as reported by KRGV5. The Recorder writes that the owner of Thousand Islands rehab center, Chris Fagan, understands addiction from personal experience having been in a terrible car accident in 2007. The doctor prescribed over the counter pills to which Fagan became addicted and later beat that addiction in 2015. Fagan’s motivation for opening Thousand Islands was to give people in need a way out of addiction.

Thousand Islands rehab center began in 2016 and was founded by businessman and former addict Chris Fagan. Fagan’s passion has led to the creation of a successful rehab center with a growing clientele. Thousand Islands boasts a detox center and rehab workshops that are designed to help the addict kick the addiction for good. The company boasts an impressive 95% rehabilitation success rate.

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