This one product can change the lives of millions of people — Algarob, its more than a supplement!

Algarob is unlike any other fancy supplement available in the market. It can not only be a boon in fighting diabetes but also has a potential to change the lives of thousands of people. The main ingredient of Algarob is derived from the pods of the Mesquite tree which became an obnoxious weed many years ago inthe drought stricken area of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Despite eradication efforts from the government, they have now 180 million acres of land infested with these trees. The only solution to stop the trees from spreading is to harvest the seeds (pods).

Harvesting season is during January and February and this is also the time when the poorest of the poor have no other income to sustain them.

The company buys these seeds from them thus, providing them work and a good source of income in their times of crisis. This helps in dealing with the problem of uncontrollably growing Mesquite trees on their farmland as well as providing them with income sustain their lives. After buying the seeds from them, it is cleaned, dried and milled in the company’s FDA and HACCP-GMP registered processing facility. The Mesquite flour extraction is then send to a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the US (New York) to produce the ALGAROB™ caplets according totheir formulation and quality standards. 

When taken with Food, Algarob helps in slow releasing of energy which ultimately helps you to normalize blood sugar levels and curb your cravings while keeping your energy levels constant. It can also assist to reverse Insulin Resistance and prevent diabetic health complications. The product is manufactured in most hygienic conditions making it completely safe to use. By spreading the word about the product you can help change the lives of thousands of people living in poverty as well as those who are fighting with sugar problems. You can help the company financially and support them in raising $50000 for this project. For each product sold, the company promises to donate $5 dollars to the ALGAROB™ foundation, which is a Non-Profit foundation to help the children from these poor communities with their basic needs.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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