The waterproof phone still needs the good maintaining from each user

During the application of the rugged pda, people should also know more knowledge about how to maintain it and please do not think that this phone is powerful enough to bear any emergency situations. Today, the famous waterproof phone online seller leeline will tell people necessarily points about how to maintain it.

First, the most secure fresh water temperature for the waterproof mobile phone should below 30 degrees. If the temperature of water is too high, it will easily make the rubber gasket become aging thus it will lose the waterproof capability. On the other hand, please do not let the phone contact with the seawater as it contains salt which will be easy to make the metal parts become rusty. If the phone already contact with the sea water, please use fresh water to wash it.

Second, while most of those leeline wt10 have waterproof and dustproof function, the larger particles of sand or dirt could also be the deadly killer for cellphones. In that case, each people should clean the phone enough before replacing the battery or memory card during the opening of closures. Otherwise, if the sand once attached in a sealed area, it will be likely to cause pad distortion leaking.

Thirdly, people should know about that the battery and closures at the interface can be said the weakest part of phone for waterproof. Each time before people take the phone into the water situation, people should carefully check the seal cover bayonet and confirming whether those parts have been closed prison. If the phone has been just met with the water, please dry the body with a soft cloth to avoid infiltration.

Fourthly, if your waterproof phone does not have the shockproof features, please totally avoid the shocking situations because the frequently shocking will easily cause into the seal part loosen.

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