The Voiceover Dynamic Duo Now Has Their Two Sons Working On Board To Make The Dream VO Team

America’s Most Favorite Voiceover Family Is Inspiring All The American Families With Their Magical Voices & Memorable Performances

August 28, 2017 – The Voiceover Dynamic Duo has proudly announced that the married couple known for providing quality voiceovers has added their two young sons to the team and they are now known as The Voiceover Dynamic Duo and The Boy Wonders. The couple has created several great voiceovers for advertising agencies, broadcasters, producers and filmmakers. With this recent addition of their two young boys on board, they are hoping to record more amazing voice overs and it’s going to be the first ever family in the United States that is entirely dedicated to the voiceover industry.

“One of the things that makes us so unique is our chemistry and we can use reality when working together and recording commercials.” said Jessica Gee-George while talking about the team. “We have been hired to do thousands of commercials and full-fledged campaigns with one another and we always hear that our sound is 100% authentic.” she added. Jessica alongside her husband Grant and their sons Daxx and Logan prepare for each performance and make each VO memorable. Moreover, Jessica has been doing VO’s since the age of 15 while her husband Grant George started in his 20’s.

Most of the times in their recording, Jessica plays the role of a Mom/Wife in-the-know, while Grant portrays as a bit of the silly husband who needs his wife to remind him of how things need to work. Their performance is natural and producers call them ‘a match made in heaven’. They are not only America’s most famous voiceover family, but also the most loved and favorite one too. Moreover, they have an overwhelming fan following and a lot of people have asked them to start a radio show together that can be first of its kind.

In addition, the voiceover family has been featured in several media outlets including electronic, print and social media. From Pizza ads to animated Netflix series or several TV commercials, Jessica and Grant have recorded their magical voices that will be remembered for the generations to come and now with their two young sons, they are making all the American families proud.

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