The Ultimate Transport for Commutation–Airwheel Electric Scooter specifications

In Back to the Future, the hero in the movie travels freely everywhere just with his levitating board, which is much admired by many people, especially those office commuters. For the commuters, arriving at the destination at ease without sweating is a blessing for them. Now, with the emergence of electric scooter, their dream can finally come true.

Assumingly, many people have seen the movie called Back to the Future starred by Michael J. Fox. In the movie, the hero is able to travel freely with his levitating board, which is also a dreamlike thing for the office commuters. As is known to all, they always have to be stuck in the traffic jams on the way to the office every day. For them, arriving at the office without sweating is such a blessing. Now, Airwheel electric scooter has emerged as a transport to save them from the annoying traffic condition and terrible commutation process.

With such a transport, office commuters don’t have to suffer the smelly odor on the bus or in the metro on the way to work or back home. They can recharge the Airwheel self-balancing scooter at night beforehand and just take it with them when going to work. If they live not far from the office, they can absolutely ride the transport to the office directly. In summer, they can put on a hat or an umbrella just in case that they may get sunburnt. On the other hand, some may live a bit far from the working place.

This is also easy to tackle as well. They can ride the vehicle to the nearby bus station and take a bus. Since the Airwheel electric unicycle is rather small, riders can definitely take them onto the bus. They can cut down the time length on the bus as much as possible so that they don’t have to spend much time being stuck in the crowds. After they get off the bus, they can ride the vehicle again and get to the office at ease. Moreover, riding an Airwheel electric scooter to work can also save some money for the commuters, since it only consumes 1 kWh per hundred miles. 

All in all, Airwheel electric scooter is the ultimate transport to help office commuters.

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