The Ultimate Extension Wire Is Coming Soon Via Kickstarter

Extend-D Is Proudly Announcing The Launch Of Its Revolutionary Extension Cable For Indoors

Philadelphia, PA – USA – August 11, 2017: The team of Extend-D has announced that they are proudly launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in August for their revolutionary modular power cable. The remarkable modular extension power cable is a result of high-tech research and it made for indoor use. It is going to be ideal for small home appliances such as TV, phone chargers, lamps, etc.

“We are proudly launching our Kickstarter campaign this month and we are welcoming everyone to support this extraordinary extension wire.” said the spokesperson of Extend-D, while talking about the new cable. “Our wire is segmented into 2-foot increments, which can be disconnected and reconnected, while both male and female ends of the cable can be removed to extend or reduce the size of the cable by adding or removing a middle segment.” he added. According to the spokesperson, today’s extension cords are either too long or too short and this is a solution to that everyday problem by allowing the user to select the desired size in foot increments.

The most amazing feature of this practical extension wire is that the male and female ends can be removed and reconnected. The connectors have a tight interlocking connection to ensure a safe connection between segments. In addition, the wire is made up of two adapters and center 2-foot wire segments, while the male adapter has a NEMA 1-15p to IEC C7 connection. Moreover, the female adapter has an IEC C8 to NEMA 1-15r connection, while the middle has an IEC C7 to IEC C8 connection.

In addition, the external jacket material of this wire is made with high quality PVC with temperature rated to 105°C. Moreover, a max number of 10 middle segments connected at one time and the maximum wattage for the cable is 300W. Also, the cable will be able to handle more, but for a safe range to be using a maximum current of 2.4 amperes at 125 volts. The company will offer three pieces of this wire that will come in both black and white color options. Another amazing feature is the highest degree of safety added to the design of the wire. The creators of this remarkable wire are inviting everyone to support the wire on Kickstarter, so that it can be shipped to the backers from around the world for their pledges.

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