The Top Electronic Cigarette Review Site, Launched

The best electronic cigarette review site,, has just been launched to provide users more valuable information about e-cigarettes.

The best e-cigarette review site has just been launched. provides all the information needed to make the right e-cigarette buying decision. Electronic cigarette users will find the latest and regularly updated information about the top brands available on the market and decide which one is best suited for their e-cigarette needs.

“We have bought and tested the best as well as the worst e-cigarette brands to give you the real reviews,” says the spokesperson for “Readers of our reviews appreciate the fact that these reviews are not sponsored or paid fake reviews that they generally get to read online. Every e-cigarette brand we review is thoroughly tested by our experts to provide users a comprehensive and accurate review which is completely independent.”

The review website, is the perfect information destination for electronic cigarette lovers; especially those who are planning to try them for the first time. The presence of a large number of e-cigarette brands from numerous vendors can make the decision-making process challenging and time-consuming as well. Trying out the different brands is not a rational decision as it can affect the health of users adversely as they might get exposed to cheap, unscrupulous brands and vendors during the testing process. Besides, it can also be financially challenging.

By following the electronic cigarette reviews on, they can save themselves the hassle of testing brands individually. The website provides readymade and detailed facts on various aspects of e-cigarette including the salient features of each one of them, the test results, the e-liquid used and other valuable data. The entire focus of this newly launched e-cigarette review website is to find top-rated vendors and brands of electronic cigarettes available on the market today.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are a rage among today’s generation. It is a vaporizer powered by a battery and generates aerosol that can create simulated tobacco smoking effects minus the negative health effects associated with use of real tobacco products. The kit comes with an atomizer which helps to heat the e-liquid to create the feel and satisfaction associated with smoking real cigarettes.

The growing demand for e-cigarettes has led to many vendors entering the market. The presence of a large number of electronic cigarette brands makes it tough for people to decide which one is right for them. The aggressive promotions and innovative marketing tactics resorted to by major brands makes the decision making process faulty as users tend to get carried away by high-tech advertising gimmicks.

The best e-cigarette review site provides independent and unbiased reviews that are not influenced by the lofty claims and marketing gimmicks of the manufacturers. The information they provide users are based on facts arrived at by testing the brands using stringent processes and on multiple parameters of performance and safety. By using the reviews on, e-cigarette buyers can make an informed decision before they spend their hard-earned money on the product.

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The e-cigarette website, stands up to its name as the best, most comprehensive and reliable resource for independent and unbiased information about various brands of e-cigarettes available on the market. The website follows a highly ethical review practice that involves independent testing of brands on performance, safety and other parameters.

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