The Top 50 Paleo Blog Awards For 2015 Announced

New Brunswick, NJ – The Top 50 Paleo Blog Awards for 2015 have been announced by, a popular Paleo-friendly fitness and lifestyle magazine. Followers of the Paleo eating lifestyle tend to exclude grains, dairy and processed foods while consuming foods that our ancient ancestors likely consumed such as meats, nuts and berries. Go here for a list of the 2015 Paleo Blog winners

Many of the winners are well known in the Paleo community and some have written best-selling books. But there are also some new entries on the list, which are emerging in popularity. The top Paleo blogs often offer an extensive recipe list that helps people who conform to the Paleo lifestyle find ideas on what to eat.

Folks that follow a paleo eating lifestyle avoid processed foods and substitute so-called real food. They avoid refined sugar and when needed substitute honey or maple syrup. They are anti-grain and anti-gluten. Traditional flour is not used so when baking they opt for coconut flour or almond flour. They avoid legumes so they don’t eat peanuts, peanut butter or soy. They avoid white potatoes but sweet potatoes are fine. They mostly avoid dairy, but when they use it they opt for grass fed milk products. And, alcohol and vegetable oils are also avoided. On the acceptable list are healthy fats such as animal fats, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, nut oils, and so on. For meats they go for grass fed meats. And, they prefer pastured free-range chicken and eggs, wild fish and fresh organic. The Paleo or, Paleolithic eating lifestyle is based assumptions about on what ancestral humans are believed to have consumed. The so-called paleo lifestyle is also referred to as the caveman diet, the real food diet, among other terms.

While the paleo movement and real food movements are huge and growing there is controversy surrounding this type of eating as well as disagreement among experts as to whether there are any realistic benefits or whether following such an eating lifestyle causes ay harm. That said, there are enormous amounts of resources online and bookstores on the subject. The list of the Top Paleo Blogs For 2015 can help turn readers on to some of the most popular paleo and real food resources available. It’s a good starting point and the blogs listed are loaded with information and recipes.

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