The Tao of Food Preparation Recipes by June Roca inspects health in the most vivid way and highlights an innovative meat chips recipe

Every meat lover who is worried about nutrition when it comes to consuming meat can now stop worrying as June Roca comes up with an incredible innovation of consuming meat chips that can form part of a ‘healthy diet’ as they are enriched with vitamin B12

The Tao of Food Preparation recipes is a compilation of some of the ‘best natural ingredients’. June Roca, the author of this incredible eBook has included recipes ranging from Paleo, Raw Vegan and No salt to Vegetarian, Cooked vegan and even meat based dishes that not just contribute to healthy living but also pack a punch when it comes to ‘tantalizing’ the taste buds.

Essentially, this recipe compilation took place as an experiment undertaken by June to keep a thorough check on her food intake and note down what works and does not work for her especially when it comes to the consumption of sugar. Based on the 21 days that she spent for this experiment, she came to the conclusion that one could in fact choose the ingredients that are most compatible with our respective bodies in terms of gaining nutrition. 

One of the most groundbreaking recipe that she came up with for her eBook is the meat chips recipe that uses meat for making chips as opposed to fried vegetables. Most people advocate against the use of meat products; however, through her research for her eBook, June Roca found out that when she consumed about 6-10 oz of meat from animals that has been ‘pastured’ and cows that has been ‘grass-fed’ along with personally tested portions of fruits and vegetables, her blood sugar levels did not create a sharp rise and fall. 

She strongly recommends eating along with common sense so that a person is aware of the food that is finding its way inside their body. She successfully lost 9.6 lbs by working intimately with her body in 1 month. The details of this is in her other e-book which will be launched soon. She wrote the ”Tao of Food Preparation Recipes’ E-book after the weight loss. The recipes in this e-book will usher a new way of preparing food, and all of this can be purchased from Amazon or by following this link:

June Roca is a health coach and has recently released her eBook, The Tao of Food Preparation recipes which can be purchased by following this link:

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