The survey for Shanghai house renting- the lack of house source becomes the main reason of renting price rising
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December 01, 2013 – Shanghai – How about the actually price rising of Shanghai house renting? However, there is no one who can fully answer this question. From the definitely statistical data of famous Shanghai real estate agency Maxviewrealty, some area’s house in Shanghai has had great price rising and some regions rose lower. No matter the rising speed of price is higher or lower, the price is actually rising and the rising time has already lasted about 42 months. The manager from Maxviewrealty has said the biggest reason for this kind of situation is the lacking of house source.

In half part of this year, more and more collage students has graduated from their schools so people often call this period of time as the ” graduation season”. In this period of time, a large amount of graduated students have begun to seek suitable house for living. On the other hand, this season is also the golden time for foreigners’ traveling and immigrant. So, people could found that the house resource for renting in Shanghai is very short. This could be the main reason for the huge fluctuations of the renting price. The data from famous house rent agency shows that the number of the big, medium, small apartment where has renting price were 4, 5 and 6 in the continuous monitoring of the renting price of 40 real estate in Shanghai. However, this renting price rising trend could not stop in the near future.

The average rising rate of the renting price from the medium Maxviewrealty apartments in Shanghai is 7.5 %. Only two real estates’ renting price has been controlled at 5 % or less. The average rising rate of small apartment’s renting fee rising is at 4.3%. Compared to others, this rising rate is very stable. The rising rate of large apartment is the largest which is about 11.5%. This should be a boring statistic for people who want to live in Shanghai. Actually, it is the truly situation for the house renting in Shanghai. But people could be not deeply worried about the price rising and the professional Shanghai apartment agency Maxviewrealty which website is could help people solve this problem.

Now, people should have fully understanding about why the renting price for Shanghai house could have continuously rising. This is because the great increasing of the number if graduated students and foreign population. The price rising is mainly affected by this reason. However, if you want to solve the renting problem in Shanghai with ease steps, please click which is the professional house agency in Shanghai.

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