The server chassis and normal computer chassis have big difference

April 01, 2014-China-As the professional China manufacturer for Rackmount Chassis and Storage Chassis, the customer service from Shenzhen LongFengYuan Industrial Co., LTD always need to explain with some of their clients about the difference between the normal computer chassis and the professional server chassis. However, the professional and excellent server chassis server chassis need to have high performance cooling system, redundancy power supply and high reliability cases. Compared with the professional server chassis, the PC chassis may pay more attention to the out appearance.

Now, the customer service from Shenzhen LongFengYuan will tell people the unique requirements of the professional Industrial Chassis based on the three points before.

First, the server is required to run 24 hours over many years, therefore, the requirements for system stability are even more important than the performance. The excessive heat generation should be the number one enemy of long-term stable operation of the server. People could image that high frequency CPU, memory, dedicated SCSI hard disk and other high heat generating components had been installed together in the narrow space inside servers.

In order to respond the amazing heat generation in the server case, this equipment will be usually installed with a plurality of large diameter turbofan at front of the chassis to ensure the favourable flow of the air and then the heat will be timely eliminated. However, the professional server chassis from Shenzhen LongFengYuan is specially equipped with the redundant fan. When the speed of the main fans is too low, the pare fan can immediately start automatically to take over the failed fan to ensure the normal operation of cooling system.

Second, regardless of the normal PC or professional server, the power supply must be the source of these equipments’ normal operation. As the heart of the whole system, the professional server chassis will be installed the redundant power supply. When the main a power supply is failure or not normal, the spare power supply will immediately take over its work to ensure the normal operation of the system( ). This should be the core part which maintains the 24 hours operation of the server. However, the normal computer chassis does not have this sort of designation.

In addition to the cooling system and the power supply, the materials of the chassis case and shell should be also important aspects of the server chassis and computer chassis. People should know that the good or bad of steel plate thickness and material could direct response to electromagnetic interference shielding and the stable operation of the whole system. However, the shell of the server is better than that of the normal family computer

After here, each reader must have fully understanding about the difference between the server chassis and the normal computer chassis. If people want to know more about the server chassis or other products, please visit the website of Shenzhen LongFengYuan and get contact with them by the following information.

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