The Senase Project introduces Jeremy Meindl as latest inspirational donor

Eradicating poverty with non-profit volunteer-led organization

Buffalo, NY – Volunteer-based Senase Project is delighted to introduce its latest donor, Buffalo, NY based Jeremy Meindl. After beginning a career in digital technology in Vancouver, Meindl now lives back home in Buffallo with his two children. He remains an ambitious and dedicated member of the digital community, consulting pro-bono for schools and educational initiatives, and was thrilled to have the chance to donate to such a worthwhile organisation as the Senase Project.

Recognised by Forbes in 2014 as a leading small non-profit, the Senase Project aims to combat poverty through community development, whilst honouring the stories and village which have agreed to partner with the organisation. With the goal of helping to change lives and spread awareness in Ghana, Africa, each donation goes directly to a project which needs the support, enabling donors to see real, positive change because of their kindness and generosity of spirit.

Citing his young children as the primary motivation for his own donation, Meindl is raising both with a love of learning and understanding of the need for both a healthy mind and healthy body. Jeremy’s contribution is set to be significant, providing a vital part of the foundation of a sanitary toilet block at Akatim Village School. As well as ensuring the local children are protected from the spread of disease, this hygienic installation will also serve to educate the rest of the community on sanitation. Serving over 100 primary school children and the surrounding area, this donation could quite literally save lives.

Sanitation in Ghana is at crisis point, and 4000 children die annually from diarrhoea, while 23% o Ghanaian children suffer from chronic malnutrition as a result of poor sanitary conditions. Simple changes such as handwashing can reduce these cases by up to 50%, though less than 15% of Ghanaian households currently have basic hand washing facilities.

“It’s remarkable to see your contribution mean so much to so many people,” says Meindl. “I am very glad to be part of the work carried out by the Senase Project, and would encourage others to support them in any way possible.”

Thanks to generous donors such as Jeremy, the Senase Project can continue their valuable, life changing work.

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