The Secrets of Saving Money will help people save more and have better Financial Stability

Breanna Colon has launched her new book, “The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing the Unlimited” which will guide readers to cut their unnecessary expenses, save more money and become financially sound. The book describes some proven strategies that will help the user avoid overspending and keep more money in their pocket. Going by the saying, “money saved is money earned”, the book aims to provide useful guidelines to assist the reader with saving money in many ways.

Breanna Colon is a personal finance consultant and the owner of Integrity Financial Solutions,Inc., a company aimed at helping people get to the next level financially. With her newly launched book, she hopes to reach a wider number of readers across the world who can benefit from her knowledge and expertise. The book will be available for the general masses starting August 2016; however, the user can pre-order the book through the fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, at an early bird price. Regular prices will apply once the book is released, so you’ll want to take advantage now.

In today’s lifestyle, it’s a fact that there is an increasing demand from people and marketers trying to lure prospective customers into buying any and everything. Consequently, this can cause expenses to increase drastically over time. Colon has launched her book giving insight and tips to help everyone from entrepreneurs and churches, to military families, moms, dads, singles, married couples, young, old, or anywhere in between. It challenges the user to change their mindset by stepping out of the box of mental limitations that they have created over time.

This self-help book primarily focuses on building the habit of saving money which can start at any age. It will be useful to those who have a tendency to quickly spend all the money as soon as they receive it. This habit has plagued many who have a tendency to live for today, with no plan for tomorrow. Having a lifestyle full of leisure is great, but even a small amount of saved money would make a difference both now and  in the future.

The book also covers major financial topics such as saving money on your mortgage. The book provides tips and strategies for paying off your mortgage loan sooner without going bankrupt and building equity fast without the need to refinance.  The readers will also learn how to save money on their auto loans. It describes ways to pay off the auto loan quicker and how to cut costs on unnecessary interest and warranties.

Another topic covered in the book is how to save money on groceries and gas which we could all benefit from. The book and DVD will highlight strategies which can be used to trim these regular expenses. More information about this Money-saving guide can be found at

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