October 11, 2017 – Griffith Bail Bonds, a company that is renowned for their professional, confidential, fast and courteous service when it comes to offering a fast and confidential bail bond services. They are a friendly and knowledgeable bondsman located in Waterbury and are always available to answer all questions 24hours with a system which works fairly and is designed to get their client out fast and effectively.

Derwin Griffith LLC has provided professional Waterbury Bail Bonds services including Waterbury Immigration Bail Bonds and other related areas as well to the community for years and is now expanding into the New Haven County to provide clients with the same service. The service comes with a free quote which is easy to access.  Their bail bonds in New Haven work directly with surety bonds that allow clients to pay a percentage of the full cost of the bail the judge sets out in an effort to keep the process simple and fair.

We are here to provide you with the step-by-step through the bail bond process, working out suitable payment solutions while making your bail bond needs our priority. As a client of Griffith Bail Bonds, you’re treated with courtesy, honesty, and respect because you are valued client. We adhere to all of the latest industry standards to ensure that your concerns are handled efficiently and promptly” said Derwin Griffith, the founder of Griffith Bail Bonds.

Over the years they have provided clients with 24/7 bail bonds and an affordable price and payment option as they accept all major credit cards and offer competitive rates and easy financing. They give clients free confidential advice, helps to get ones loved one home in a quick and respectful manner. They are knowledgeable about the latest industry standards concerning bail bond laws, arrests, court procedures, jail release requirements, state of Connecticut requirements including all protocols essential to help their clients through the process.

Derwin Griffith has been a licensed bail bondsman since 2005, he has the experience, compassion, and integrity that is needed to help ones loved ones. Derwin abides by the highest professional standards and is an active participant in the bail bonds industry.  As a member of the local and state bail bond associations, he makes it his duty to stay current on new laws and regulations affecting bail bonds and his clients.

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About Derwin Griffith

He holds an associate degree in computer information systems and attended Naugatuck Community Technical College in Waterbury, CT and Teikyo Post University where he holds a B.A. in business management. He is an active member of The First Cathedral church in Bloomfield, CT and also enjoys playing basketball during leisure.

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