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Many people state that they have used hypnosis to create a life of bliss and harmony. There are some who claim to have manifested financial independence, happiness, and improved health through the use of result driven hypnosis or hypnotherapy applications such as HelloMind, a widely acclaimed app for meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness. So what is the truth about hypnosis? Is it possible that you can use it to get what you want?

According to Jacob Strachotta, creator of HelloMind and acknowledged hypnotherapist, through proper hypnosis techniques is it possible to reprogram your mind so that your natural, unconscious and automatic actions become more positive and more in alignment with your dreams, aspirations and goals.

What is result driven hypnosis?

Result Driven Hypnosis is a technique that that focuses on the point of self analysis. The RDH theory is based on the idea that if you can consciously define a problem, your subconscious can find a solution. Implementing this technique in to your daily life has never been easier. Strachotta believed that he could better the lives of others by actively promoting Result Driven Hypnosis through his app, HelloMind. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, treat psychological conditions, relieve pain or even remove certain physical symptoms, through the use of HelloMind’s treatments, you can re-program the unconscious, or subconscious, part of your mind for success, health, wealth and even happiness.

HelloMind is free to download on Google Play and the iTunes store, and is currently offering a promotion to new users for a completely free 14-day trial, with full features of the subscription without any cost or commitment. For a limited time, you can enjoy all the benefits of HelloMind, absolutely free!

How it works

HelloMind is fairly simply to use. Just choose the area you want to work on, be it nervousness, phobia, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, or lack of self-esteem, and HelloMind will work with you through ten, 30 minute treatment sessions throughout the course of 30 days. It is ideal to find a quiet, comfortable location and use a good pair of headphones for best results. You should aim to complete one session a day or every other day.

The app also offers immediate relief from craving, anxiety, stress, or panic through their Quick Fix feature. To reinforce positive emotions, you can opt to choose a booster, that is a 30 minute session used to strengthen a certain aspect of yourself by giving it a little extra attention.

Hypnosis is very much goal driven in that you want to improve some aspect of your behavior and response to life. The goal may be to obtain relaxation, stress reduction or to improve confidence or eliminate fears and phobias amongst others, however the success of each person will be dependant on their commitment and motivation to improve themselves.

Through the use of result driven hypnosis, it is possible to identify and remove negative unconscious behaviours and then replace them with positive habits.

Download HelloMind for free today on the iTunes App Store, or on Google Play. Individuals who sign up now would be part of the very few that can enjoy their 14-day free trial for the full featured app.

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