The Pecu Novus Asset Fund Earmarks US$1 Billion in Cryptocurrency for Investments in Startups

The Pecu Novus Asset Fund is seeking to spark innovation and support aspiring entrepreneurs in various industries.

The Pecu Novus Asset Fund, LLC is currently in talks with various startup companies in order to provide adequate funding for their ventures through the use of Pecu Novus coins. The investments by the Pecu Novus Asset Fund will range from US$1 Million to US$20 Million in Pecu Novus coins and primarily be designated for startup companies in the technology, fintech, medical device, gaming, robotics and clean energy industries. All viable companies in all industries that submit their business plan and outlook would be considered for investment by the fund.

All startups in the above referenced industries are welcome to contact the Pecu Novus Asset Fund via the fund manager Falcon Global Acquisitions to submit their documents for consideration at

The Pecu Novus Asset Fund managers are in final talks with a number of established and startup companies in various industries. These companies are both publicly traded and privately held and these investments are slated to be completed in the third quarter of 2018.

The fund has earmarked US$1 Billion worth of Pecu Novus Coins for investments in these startup companies.

About The Pecu Novus Asset Fund

The Pecu Novus Asset Fund was developed as a vehicle to hold all the assets that would support the continued growth of The Pecu Novus Network and its digital asset the Pecu Novus Coins. The fund is managed by the private equity firm Falcon Global Acquisitions and the main objective of the fund manager is to make investments in true growth situations in order to promote innovation, support aspiring entrepreneurs and create long term value for the fund.

About The Pecu Novus Network

The Pecu Novus Network is a blockchain powered network incorporating an asset backed digital asset aka cryptocurrency for business transactions globally. The network utilizes proprietary blockchain technology that was developed primarily for businesses to conduct seamless and secure transactions of various products, services and other goods via the Pecu Novus Network with the added option of utilizing the proprietary Pecu Novus Escrow System. The Escrow System allows buyers and sellers to conduct secure transactions that are recorded on the Pecu Novus Blockchain.

The expansion of this business model is to provide services beyond B2B allowing individuals to use the Escrow System in real time for a wide variety of transactions. Some uses for the Escrow System include global import/export transactions, business services, various B2C transactions, real estate transactions, debt securitization and a host of others:

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