The number of people looking for plastic surgery overseas has increased drastically

Dr. Gladys Polanco, certified and experienced plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic is resuming some tips about the process of choosing your plastic surgeon abroad.

As the costs of aesthetic and plastic surgeries in States and Europe increase drastically, more and more people are looking for alternative options abroad. It is however important to know in what consist the entire process of choosing a medical specialist in another country and traveling overseas for having your medical procedures at a more affordable prices. 

Dr. Gladys Polanco (, a certified and experienced plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic is sharing some tips about the process of choosing your plastic surgeon overseas and traveling abroad for medical and aestethic proedures.

1. Online search 

Search for the available options for medical services overseas online, considering mostly the ratings and reviews of other patients. Read the additional information about the plastic surgeon and make sure that they are certified in their country or with any international association.

2. First contact, distant evaluation.

After you choose those medical profiles that you like the most, make sure that they offer online or phone consultation, most of them are free and ask as many questions as you can and share all important information about your general health status. Make sure the medical center you are choosing offers recovery home accommodation and transfers from / to the airport to avoid the hassle during your trip.

3. Proposal 

After the first contact, they will probably ask you for some more details about your current health status, age, smoking habits and so, and specially in the plastic surgery some pictures for a better evaluation of the areas you would like to have treated. Based on this initial evaluation they will be sending you an estimation proposal.

4. Decision making

Once you make sure that the plastic surgeon you are communicating with is the one you would like to proceed with, you are supposed to buy the plane tickets in order to sett up your surgery date, which most of the time should be confirmed with a down payment. Don’t forget to ask which is the nearest destination airport before buying your flight tickets.

5. Arrival at the destination

When arriving at the destination airport a representative of the medical center will be waiting for you with a sign with your name. They will drive you to the recovery home accommodation or directly at the medical center for a face to face evaluation and pre-surgery tests, such as complete blood count, xRay and cardio.

6. The Big day 

On the next day in the morning a driver will pick you up from the recovery home and drive you to the medical center where you will be having your surgery. The first overnight after the surgery is usually in the hospital until the Dr. makes sure that you are in a stable conditions.

7. Recovery home 

The first stage of the post-surgery recovery process is in the recovery home, most of the recovery homes are specialised and certified private recovery centres (private houses most of the time) with options for a private or a shared room, and with available 24/7 medical observation.

8. Recovery process 

The recovery process and time to stay at the destination depends on the procedure you gonna have, it can be from 4-5 up to 14 or more days, depending on the medical observation and suggestions. During the recovery process some procedures requiere lymphatic massages and special treatments under medical observation.

9. Back home 

After the first stage of the recovery process under the close medical observation of your doctor, and when you are in a stable conditions to travel back home, usually 10-20 days after the surgery. 

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