The new playing stadium for the 2014 NFL Super Bowl match had been confirmed
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December 01, 2013 – United States – In USA, the America Football and NFL should be the best known sport among all of America people. With the quickly development of the past ten years, more and more people from other countries such as UK, China and Japan have been attracted by this exciting sport. During recent days, the NFL official has confirmed the new held venue for the 2014 Super Bowl. This news which is original from website (the best online seller for wholesale 2014 Super Bowl Jerseys) should be the good news for all of NFL fans around the world.

The sales server from best NFL wholesale jersey online seller said:”After beating Florida and Texas Stadium, the New Meadowlands Stadium of America New York was chosen as the only venue for the 2014 Super Bowl.” This should be very amazing and exciting for people in New York. However, the location for the holding of Super Bowl could not affect the hot atmosphere of this national sport in Unit States.

The famous Meadowlands Stadium is located at the East Beirut Milford District of New Jersey’s. According to some insider, this famous Meadowlands Stadium had cost about 1.6 billion dollars. From the past record and data, this Stadium can accommodate 82,500 spectators to watch the sport matching in the inner space. In the competition for the hold venue of 2014 Super Bowl, this famous Stadium has already beaten the Miami Tampa and Elvin venues. In this election, only the team owners have the right to vote for the match location. After four rounds of competition, the New York and New Jersey had won the support for the majority of people.

However, there are also some shortcomings of this famous Stadium. For example, there is no NFL Wholesale Jerseys us roof of the famous Meadowlands Stadium. People should be not amazing about this because most of famous stadiums around the world are without roofs. However, the 2014 Super Bowl would be carried out in February and the temperature of New Jersey is usually only 20 degrees Fahrenheit which is under 0 degrees Celsius. To this end, the official area of NFL has to abandon the rule which is that the moderate temperature should be kept in the Super Bowl stadium. No matter what kind of situation, the hot atmosphere of the NFL fans and the NFL players would not care for the temperature of the playing ground.

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