The New Fake Number App Online by Dollar Digits

Introduction of a new modern fake number app that allows you to make anonymous calls and text messages without necessarily exposing your real phone primary number

Dollar Digits has launched a fake number app which is aimed at making sure that anonymous calls and text messages are possible and affordable. We live in a social world where mobile phones and applications have taken over the communication between two people. Well, sometimes communication needs to be done anonymously. This is why Dollar Digits has ensured that people can make calls and text without a need for a different number.

During the launch, Jack Lombardi, founder of Dollar Digits said, ”Dollar Digits fake phone number app give you the power and protection of anonymity, while still letting you be yourself.  With the security of anonymous calling and messaging and an easy to change numbers, you won’t have to worry about showing the world the real you.  Whether it’s through casual and fun text messages or through long and serious talks, with private calling and text messaging you will be able to fully and confidently connect with your online friends without risking your safety.”

The good news is that when anyone starts bothering the user, they can quickly and easily change to a new fake phone number. This ensures that the user has their privacy and can avoid harassment that comes with people knowing their personal number. This means that there is no need for changing the primary number. Most people are forced to tolerate harassment because they do not want to change their primary number. With the Dollar Digits app, this does not have to happen.

About Dollar Digits

Dollar Digits App can help you make calls without revealing your number. The good thing is that the app is easy to install. It will just take a few minutes, and you will be making your first anonymous phone call. Things will be easier since all you need to do is activate the app and your number is hidden. There will be no way to trace your call, and you will get an extra advantage of anonymous free texting.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dollar Digits
Contact Person: Jack L Lombardi
Email: Send Email
Phone: 3124488310
Address:10 S. Riverside Plaza #875
City: Chicago
State: IL
Country: United States